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I must tell a story about a British company and I am very interested in their marketing story. Innocent is a soft drink company and the first “bottled juice” company in the UK. Innocent in order to be able to sell more products in the cold winter, they created a very magical marketing method. In winter, Innocent puts on a cute hat for each bottle of milkshake. These hats are not mass-produced in the factory. It is knitted by people who donate hats to society, and there are hundreds of different styles of these knitted hats. Innocent bundles merchandise and charity into a mix and match sales. If you knit a hat for a milkshake bottle and send it to Innocent, as long as the milkshake is sold, Innocent will donate 25 pence to Age UK, a British charity for the elderly. For every bottle of milkshake with a hat sold, Innocent donates 25 pence, which also guarantees the warmth of the British elderly in winter. I like the sales skills of this company very much. Not only have they benefited themselves, but they have also increased charity and contributed to society. This sales method attracts people who are not interested in buying juice. They are not necessarily willing to buy juice, but they are likely to buy juice for charity to help the elderly. With the premise of doing good deeds, people are more willing to spend money on this product. I think their marketing strategy is very successful. Because if it were me, I would also knit a hat, because they are cute and interesting. 

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