(Answered) NR436 Week 1 Practicum Project Discussion: Selection of Health Promotion Practicum Topic


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 Discussion: Apply Knowledge

Step 1: Reflect on your community and review the  to select a specific topic (i.e. firearm safety, rather than injury prevention).

Step 2: Select a topic that is a health concern in your community. This topic will be used for your Practicum Project throughout the course. See the Apply My Learning at the bottom of  for an example.

Step 3: Answer the discussion prompts below with explanation and detail.

Paragraph one: Describe your selected topic. Provide a rationale for your topic selection and explain how you determined that it is a significant concern within your community.

Paragraph two: Use the  to review the resources associated with your topic. Explain why professional organizations view the selected issue as a community health concern. Cite at least one outside scholarly source in this paragraph as evidence.

Paragraph three: Describe how the social determinants of health impact your selected topic. Provide two examples.

References: Provide complete references for all citations



The topic I have chosen to discuss is substance use and abuse in my community. Substance abuse is a significant issue in Florida, as it is in many states across the United States. Florida faces challenges related to various substances, including opioids, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs. Opioid abuse, including both prescription painkillers and illicit drugs like heroin, has been a particularly…….please click the icon below to access entire answer at $10

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