(Answered) NR436 Week 5 Discussion: iHuman Virtual Patient Encounter Debriefing

Week 5 iHuman Case Link: Jennifer Lee

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Preparing the Debriefing


 Debriefing: Defuse, Discover, and Deepen

Step 1: Complete at least one attempt of this iHuman Virtual Patient Encounter before participating in the debriefing.

Step 2: Answer all questions below with explanations and detail. No scholarly sources are required.

Paragraph one: Did you feel comfortable and knowledgeable in Ms. Lee’s simulation? What did you learn? What additional information is needed to better care for Ms. Lee? What specific questions would you like to ask her?

Paragraph two: Imagine Ms. Lee was in your community. Answer the questions based on the first letter of your last name below. Share what you found, or did not find, for resources.

Last Name Question to Answer
A – G How would your interventions change if Ms. Lee disclosed regular substance misuse? What resources does your community have to assist her with this concern?
H – Q How would your interventions change if Ms. Lee wanted to leave her abusive boyfriend due to intimate partner violence (IPV) ? What resources does your community have to assist victims of violence?
R – Z How would your interventions change if human trafficking was suspected? What resources does your community have to assist these human trafficking victims?

Paragraph three: How will you apply what you learned from this simulation to your nursing practice? How will your new knowledge of vulnerable populations change the way you practice nursing?


For this particular case, I felt somewhat comfortable, but not fully because as a psych nurse we usually don’t have to deal with a patient like Ms. Lee. However, with the information provided in her simulation I felt knowledgeable since I have been exposed to similar cases when I picked up some shifts in the medical unit at work. I have cared for many patient with similar situation as Ms. Lee in our psych unit mainly with physical, emotional, and drug used while pregnant, but they would first have to be medically clear before admitted to our psych unit………..please click the icon below to access entire answer at $15  

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