Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper

Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper

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Scenario: A nurse leader in a rural health facility desires to enhance the quality of care and results for older adults with chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and COPD. The nurse leader faces various issues like low health literacy, transportation hurdles, limited resources, a lack of specialists, and staff shortages. Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper

Data: This nurse leader can utilize data and information from several sources. For instance, she could use Medicaid/Medicare beneficiary information which could offer data on the patients’ health status, demographics, and spending of the older adult populace in that region. Also, she could use data from EHRs which could offer clinical information on the patient’s lab outcomes, medication, patient condition, and care plans. Also, patient-generated data could be used by the nurse manager to give self-reported information on the patient’s outcomes, precedence, behaviors, and manifestations, gathered via gadgets like home monitors, wearables, and smartphones. Lastly, the nurse could utilize the community health needs assessment (CHNAs), which could give information on SDOH like housing, environmental factors, and income, that impact older adults in her jurisdiction. Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper


Gathering and ingress: the leader could gather and ingress the information via several techniques. Firstly, she could request information from Medicaid/Medicare, following their information use agreement and policy guidelines. Further, executing compatible EHRs that can exchange information with other healthcare systems and providers, following HIPAA and other guidelines (Sweeney, 2017). Besides, the leader can engross patients by utilizing PGHD gadgets and forums, offering education and assistance and guaranteeing data consent and security. Lastly, collaborating and partnering with stakeholders to perform CHNAs, focus groups, surveys, and secondary data sources (Rayan-Gharra et al., 2022). Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper

Moreover, knowledge could be derived from information utilizing analytical methods and tools like descriptive statistics, which could outline the trends and attributes of the older populace and their health results. Further, predictive analytics could be used to predict future results or threats founded on prevailing and past data (Batko & Ślęzak, 2022). According to Nagle et al. (2017), in the age of connected health, there are direct relationships to knowledge generated by healthcare professionals globally. This means new and contemporary knowledge is being embedded and incorporated into electronic patient records. In nursing, big data is becoming essential every day and access to it has been unveiling a modern realm of informatics opportunities linked to nursing and health analytics. Apart from electronic health records, nurses are also generating data and knowledge from remote and sensor supervision technologies and patient portals. Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper

Finally, the nurse leader could utilize clinical judgment and reasoning in the creation of knowledge and understanding from this encounter through employing evidence-based practice, which entails incorporating the best available and excellent proof from the information with clinical expertise and older adults’ values. Also, she could utilize critical thinking, which encompasses assessing the relevance, validity, and quality of the outcomes and information. In addition, the nurse leader could use clinical decision assistance, which encompasses utilizing systems or tools that can offer suggestions and direction founded on the information and understanding. Finally, the nursing professional can utilize, reflective exercises, which encompass examining and assimilating from the experience and results, and recognizing areas for enhancement or further research. Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper


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Consider a scenario that would benefit from access to data and how such access could facilitate both problem-solving and knowledge formation.

Post a description of the focus of your scenario. Describe the data that could be used and how the data might be collected and accessed. What knowledge might be derived from that data? How would a nurse leader use clinical reasoning and judgment in the formation of knowledge from this experience? Application of Data in Problem-Solving Assignment Paper

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