Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay Paper

Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay Paper

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Reply 1: Applicability of ABA for Adults with ASD

We appreciate your question about whether individuals with ASD who were not exposed to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as children can benefit from it. Although the majority of ABA research in the past has focused on children, new evidence indicates that adults with ASD may benefit from it as well. Recent research, as demonstrated by Irwin and Axe (2019), highlights how ABA principles can be tailored to meet the unique requirements and difficulties that individuals on the autism spectrum encounter. ABA’s emphasis on customized evaluation and intervention planning enables customized strategies that take into account the unique strengths and weaknesses of adult clients. Furthermore, ABA strategies can be tailored to adult adults with ASD in order to meet life skills, vocational training, and social interaction goals. This demonstrates the potential lifelong use of ABA. Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay Paper


Reply 2: Complexity and Innovation in ABA Practices

We value your perceptive observations regarding the complexity of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The citation of Wilkenfeld et al.(2020) offers an important viewpoint, highlighting the importance of current research and the development of ethical norms in the ABA sector. It is highly recommended to get information from organizations such as the State of Maine State of the Evidence and the National Autism Center in order to gain a comprehensive grasp of the safety and effectiveness of ABA therapies. Additionally, the study by highlights the potential of telehealth in improving accessibility and enabling families to take an active role in the treatment process. As the field of autism interventions continues to develop, it is becoming more and more important to address ethical issues and investigate cutting-edge strategies, such as telemedicine, in order to improve inclusivity and efficacy in the context of ABA techniques. Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay Paper


Irwin, C., & Axe, J. B. (2019). Overview of applied behavior analysis and early intervention for autism spectrum disorder.

Wilkenfeld, D. A., & McCarthy, A. M. (2020). Ethical Concerns with Applied Behavior Analysis for Autism Spectrum “Disorder”. Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal30(1), 31–69. Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay Paper

Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy for Autism.

Reply to these two discussion post replies. These were responses based on my presentation which I have attached for your reference. Your response can be 2-3 paragraphs with APA citations and references.

“Hi David, Is ABA of any benefit for adults who are diagnosed ASD and weren’t exposed to ABA as a child?
– Dr. Willis”

“Hi David, Thank you for the detailed and informative presentation on Applied Behavior Analysis. I find it interesting and perplexing that even though ABA can be found to be unethical and abusive, only works for children with specific traits, and promotes dependency on the client, ABA has been in practice for over 45 years and has a proven history of promoting improvement in adaptive behavior, social skills, language, cognitive abilities, communication, academic performance, confidence, self-esteem and familial relationships.

I was reassured to find that Gorycki et al. (2020) found ABA to have validated and safe efficacy with ASD clients while reinforcing that much of the literature that concludes that ABA can be abusive and unethical is based on dated literature that was compiled before the ethics code or before the recognition of the social validity emphasis. They furthermore go on to elaborate that the clinician should independently research efficacy and safety from organizations like National Autism Center National Autism Project and the State of Maine State of the Evidence; these organizations can provide non-biased information on the treatment of ASD and have a neutral stance solely focused on the well-being of the ASD client.


With the recent advent of telepsych and increased availability to rural and remote areas for clients, I would like to elaborate on the question of “What is the importance of helping families and parents understand the application of this model?” Familial involvement with ABA implementation is essential for application of conditioning and goal-directed care. Incorporating family members/caretakers into the treatment has been shown to yield high-fidelity and improve outcomes. Gauert et al. (2023) found that parent-training on DTT via telehealth communication gave clients the ability to apply ABA in their residences with notable positive behavioral results and no reports of severe adverse effects or problem behaviors. This study reported that child acquisition of skills was attained and goal behaviors were met. The ability to integrate familial involvement into application of ABA has paramount importance and has been shown to improve patient outcomes by way of parental reinforcement of comprehension and application. ” Applied Behavior Analysis For Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay Paper

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