Assess the Role of Economic Models in Administrative Decision Making


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The Health Economics and Statistics Team continues to work on the initial project of meeting the needs of members acquired through the purchase of an outpatient clinic. As the Health Economics intern, you are part of the team investigating the possible launching of new services at the clinic location. The senior vice-president will attend the presentation on this important topic. Remember, you serve a very diverse population and that equity and parity are now important considerations. Be sure to create a voice-over PowerPoint presentation by providing a narrative to accompany your slide presentation or use Kaltura Capture to demonstrate how economic reasoning and analysis make important contributions to strategic planning, financing, and marketing decisions for the new clinic.
For this assignment, you will be relying on your knowledge and skills from Weeks 1 through 5. Be sure your presentation addresses the following:
1. Develop an introduction that discusses what you plan to present and the relevance of the topic.
2. Divide the presentation into three sections one for strategic planning, one for marketing, and one for financing.
a. Provide a description for each section regarding how economic analysis and reasoning are vital for success in each of these important managerial/administrative functions.
b. Demonstrate with at least one graph or other figures relevant to your discussion.
3. Conclude your presentation with an appropriate ending for this topic.
4. Be sure your presentation includes an introduction, at least two slides for each of the three major headings for a total of six slides, one graphic slide that is relevant to the presentation, a conclusion, and a reference slide.
5. Hint: Please remember you are making a professional, thoughtful presentation. Create attractive meaningful slides that can be read by your audience. When doing your voice-over, speak clearly and slowly.
6. If you are unable to successfully use or upload your PowerPoint or Kaltura presentation, please let your professor know immediately so other arrangements may be made.
7. Length: a minimum of 10 slides, not including title and reference slides. By completing this assignment, you will be developing your competency in Analytical Thinking, Financial Skills and Accountability.
8. References: 3 references

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