BHA FPX 4102 Assessment 4 Conflict Resolution

BHA FPX 4102 Assessment 4 Conflict Resolution


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BHA-FPX4102 Leadership and Communication in Health Care Organizations

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Conflict, defined as a profound disagreement or dispute, often arises from conflicting views, beliefs, or morals, particularly in professional settings. Effectively resolving these conflicts is essential for organizations to achieve optimal outcomes for all parties involved. Leaders must possess or develop conflict resolution skills to navigate such situations successfully.

Background of Case Study

St. Anthony Medical Center ER faces an influx of pediatric patients following a train accident near an elementary school. The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at St. Anthony’s is overwhelmed, with staff struggling to prepare rooms for the influx. Nurses from various departments, including Donald Trask from the ICU, are called to assist. Donald engages in a confrontation with Gabriela Herrera, a housekeeping staff member, exacerbating delays in patient care. Donald’s behavior plays a significant role in instigating the conflict.

Cultural Competence

Cultural competence refers to the ability to effectively interact with individuals from diverse cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Key components include awareness of one’s cultural worldview, attitude toward cultural differences, knowledge of different cultural practices, and possession of cross-cultural skills.

Cultural Competence in the Case Study

Donald’s derogatory remark toward Gabriela highlights a lack of cultural competence, exacerbating the conflict. Gabriela’s response further escalates tensions. This conflict disrupts patient care, necessitating intervention from other staff members.

BHA FPX 4102 Assessment 4 Conflict Resolution


Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Jackie Sandoval adopts an effective approach by listening to Gabriela’s perspective and acknowledging her concerns. Gathering information from all parties involved allows for a fair assessment of the situation before proposing a resolution.

Effective Communication Strategies

Accepting conflict, actively listening, and maintaining neutrality are crucial communication strategies for resolving conflicts. Separating individuals from the problem and fostering collaboration are also essential.

Role of Relationships in Communication

Leaders often play a facilitative role in conflict resolution, guiding conflicting parties through the process. Effective leadership involves empowering individuals, providing direction, and fostering authentic relationships.

Importance of Teamwork and Collaboration

Team collaboration is vital in healthcare settings, leading to increased trust, engagement, and performance. Lack of collaboration can result in workplace failures, highlighting the importance of fostering teamwork.

Collaboration Strategies

Promoting the company’s mission, defining team goals, and encouraging creativity are key collaboration strategies. Effective leadership, investment in collaboration tools, and recognition of successful teamwork further enhance collaboration.

Application of Literature to Case Study

Implementing cultural diversity training, avoiding detrimental communication patterns, and promoting cultural competence can improve relationships between staff members. Addressing implicit biases and stereotypes is crucial for conflict resolution in culturally diverse environments.


The case study at St. Anthony Medical Center underscores the challenges leaders and staff face in resolving conflicts in healthcare settings. Effective conflict resolution requires listening to all perspectives and fostering cultural competence and collaboration among team members.


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BHA FPX 4102 Assessment 4 Conflict Resolution

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