Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper

Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper

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The case study highlights a 10-year-old client (Dave) with incidences of angry outbursts with the father especially when the father is drunk. The friction provokes the father to violent conduct directed at Dave which has left him with a black eye on multiple occasions during their outbursts. Dave and the mother confirmed that the violent encounters occurred while the father was drunk. However, the mother stated that she was uncertain about who triggered the fights in most incidences. This paper provides an assessment of the case, possible intervention and prevention measures appropriate to the case. Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper


Child abuse involves physical, sexual, and psychological actions or neglect by caregivers or parents. According to Sharma and Mathur (2019), child abuse consists of the caregiver’s or parent’s actions or failure to act thus posing or causing harm to the child in the environment of interaction. In light, harm or threat of harm to the child by the person in the position of a caretaker is regarded as child abuse. Child abuse and neglect are classified as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, witnessing family violence and neglect. In this case, Dave experienced physical harm inflicted by the father. Besides, Dave stated that he started the fights to deviate the heat from the younger brother. This implies that the father inflicts physical and emotional maltreatment on the young boys and subjects them to family violence. In light, Dave and his brother are subjected to harsh environmental conditions while growing.


Interventions and Prevention

The case highlights a child abuse and neglect scenario. The intervention and prevention measures can be modelled based on conclusive data on the abuse. However, a deep insight into Dave’s angry outbursts should be investigated further to understand the motivation, thoughts and feelings on picking fights and protecting his younger brother. Modelling a reliable intervention requires information from Dave, the mother and the father to gain an understanding of the family dynamics and abuse incidences. Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper

Family therapy can provide a platform for interaction and restoring family stability. There is a rise in children in out-of-home care due to maltreatment. Family therapy, family therapy, child-centered play therapy and psychoeducation are some of the intervention and prevention measures that can be deployed to improve family relations. Family therapy is a common front-line therapy for preventing child abuse in high-risk families (Economidis et al., 2023). It explores the experiences of respective members and establishes a platform for interaction and resolution of possible conflicts. This can help explore the mother’s insight into the abuse and her efforts to intervene in the conflict. Besides, it can explore the mother’s fears and exposure to the abuse. Such details can help in modelling an effective intervention to meet the client’s safety and well-being.

Child-centered play therapy is effective for Dave’s age and can be used to foster a safe environment that promotes coping. In support, Ray et al. (2022) reiterated the significance of child-centered play therapy to children aged 3-10 years. According to Ray et al. (2022), child-centered play therapy has demonstrated efficacy in improving the client’s emotional, social, and behavioral attributes. A safe environment is required to collect further information on Dave’s processing of abuse and anger and eliminate the barriers to experiencing the feelings and coping with the stressors. Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper

Psychoeducation can be provided to the family members on domestic violence and community resources available that can be beneficial to the client. This offers counselling by informing the children about who they are, and the acceptable code of conduct and behavior which enhances their social interactions. Besides, it provides a link to their respective life story work which demonstrates their life history (Queensland Government, n.d.). Psychoeducation enlightens children on the various family dynamics and individual differences and allows them to draw boundaries and appreciate individual differences. However, the model is effective in full disclosure of the events transpiring before, during and after the abuse. Psychoeducation promotes awareness and reduces the ultimate occurrences due to an understanding of the abuse dynamics. Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper


Suspected child abuse incidents are reported as mandated by the law. The reporting should provide conclusive information to enhance understanding of the dynamics behind the abuse claims and allow for the modelling of appropriate intervention measures. The limited information and missing details from the mother’s account limit the choice of suitable intervention for the client. The family can benefit from a well-tailored intervention and prevention action plan if adequate information on the situation is provided which can be beneficial to each member rather than limited to Dave alone. Family therapy, child-centered play therapy and psychoeducation can be deployed to eliminate the tension between Dave and the father, engage the mother in communicating the family concerns and scripting the appropriate intervention to promote Dave and his brother’s wellbeing. Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper


Economidis, G., Pilkington, R., Lynch, J., Dobbins, T., Shakeshaft, A., Powell, M., … & Falster, K. (2023). The effect of family-based therapy on child physical abuse and neglect: a narrative systematic review. International journal on child maltreatment: research, policy and practice, 1-42.

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Sharma, Y., & Mathur, K. (2019). Assessment of knowledge and attitude about child abuse amongst parents visiting rural tertiary care hospital in central India. Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 8(11), 3525-3530.  Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper

The State of California has a free online trainings for Child Abuse/Neglect – specifically for Mental Health Professionals. The general training is about 3-4 hours, self-paced and can be accessed here:

Perform a child abuse assessment
Consider your previously assigned readings on child abuse assessment and the information about recognizing signs and symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect.

In this assignment you are required to perform a child abuse assessment utilizing the child abuse reporting form. Download the suspected child abuse reporting form. Print the form, fill it out, scan and upload as as a pdf file.

Please evaluate the following vignette for suspicion of child abuse.  Fill out the form, describing what you see in the vignette that supports your assessment responses. After you fill out the form, write a paper discussing your assessment, possible interventions, and prevention strategies that you might use in this vignette. Justify your decisions and actions by using and referencing the course text and ethics code. Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper

All work must be written in graduate level English and you are required to reference your work in APA format. Your paper should be 3 pages plus a title page and a reference page.

Dave, a 10-year old boy, is seen in an intake counseling session accompanied by his mother. His mother is worried because Dave is so angry. Dave tells you that he hates his parents. He tells you that he is sick of his fatherâ€s alcoholic rages and his mother making excuses for them. Mom tells you that Dave will argue and pick a fight with his father when Dad is drinking. Often times, this ends with fights between Dave and his Dad. On more than one occasion Dave has suffered from a black eye. Dave tells you that he only picks these fights to protect his 8-year old brother by “getting the heat off of him”. Mom tells you that itâ€s always impossible for her to tell who started the physical fight and asks what she should do. Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper


Partially Developed
Criterion Score
20 points
10 points
5 points
Score of Content/Context,/ 20
Organization and Development
10 points
5 points
2.5 points
Score of Organization and Development,/ 10
Use of Sources
10 points
5 points
2.5 points
Score of Use of Sources,/ 10
Analysis and Argumentation Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper
25 points
12.5 points
6.25 points
Score of Analysis and Argumentation,/ 25
Reference List
10 points
5 points
2.5 points
Score of Reference List,/ 10
APA Style and Format
5 points
2.5 points
1.25 points
Score of APA Style and Format,/ 5
10 points
5 points
2.5 points
Score of Mechanics,/ 10
Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues
10 points
5 points
2.5 points Child Abuse Mandatory Reporter Case Analysis Essay Paper

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