Clinical Levels On Skills Assignment Paper

Clinical Levels On Skills Assignment Paper

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Someone’s strengths show that they are the right fit, while weaknesses show that one needs to work on a specific area. People find it stressful discussing about their weaknesses, and interviewers often use it to investigate whether candidates can handle pressure (Fink-Hafner et al., 2019)Clinical Levels On Skills Assignment Paper. From the self-assessment form, the strengths and weaknesses are clear.


  • The provider recognizes clinical signs and symptoms of psychiatric illness across the lifespan and can differentiate between pathophysiological and psychopathological conditions.
  • The provider can perform and interpret a comprehensive or interval history and physical examination and can perform and interpret a mental status examination.


  • The provider can perform and interpret a functional assessment, formulate a diagnosis according to DSM 5 based on assessment data, and differentiate between normal age-related physiological and psychological changes.
  • Can select appropriate evidence based clinical practice for medication plan, and can evaluate patient response and modify plan as necessary.
  • Can formulate an age-appropriate individualized plan of care and comfortably promote health and disease prevention techniques.
  • The professional skills are top-notch since the provider can maintain professional boundaries and therapeutic relationships with clients and staff and collaborates well with multi-disciplinary teams to improve clinical practice in mental health settings.
  • The provider can easily provide solutions to ethical dilemmas, demonstrate a non-judgmental approach, and practice within the scope. Clinical Levels On Skills Assignment Paper


  • The provider cannot effectively perform and interpret a psychological assessment and family psychiatric history, and without help, cannot develop and prioritize a differential diagnosis list.
  • Major weaknesses related to psychotherapeutic treatment planning because, without supervision, the provider cannot recognize concepts of therapeutic modalities, select appropriate evidence-based clinical practice guidelines, and apply age-appropriate psychotherapeutic counselling techniques.
  • Unable to provide psychoeducation for individuals, families, or groups.
  • Without supervision, the provider cannot develop SMART goals for practicum experiences, evaluate outcomes of practicum goals, and document or reflect on learning experiences.
  • The provider needs to improve at selecting and implementing appropriate screening instruments, meaning with supervision can demonstrate a selection of the correct screening instrument or implement the screening instrument efficiently and effectively with the clients.
  • Without supervision, the provider cannot interpret the results of screening instruments accurately and cannot develop an appropriate plan of care based on the screening instruments’ response. Clinical Levels On Skills Assignment Paper



All successful projects are based on SMART goals. Organizations should take time when setting goals because the process requires plenty of thought and purpose. SMART goal-setting approach is considered crucial because it lays the groundwork to achieve organizational objectives (Oleksandra et al., 2019). Below are some of the SMART goals:

  • I want to improve my comprehensive psychiatric evaluation skills to perform and interpret a functional assessment to create more compelling working relationships. I will watch examples on YouTube for two hours and use one hour daily to practice performing and interpreting a functional assessment. This goal is clear and concise: watching two hours daily is possible and relevant to my career.
  • Over the two weeks, I will deepen my understanding of diagnostic reasoning skills by learning to develop and prioritize a differential diagnosis list. I will achieve this by attending the weekly staff meeting, reading clinical guidelines, and consulting more experienced providers on areas where I need help to avoid future mistakes. That means I have to consult with those who are more experienced.
  • I want to spend six hours per week reading clinical-related articles, attending relevant conferences, and connecting with more experienced personnel in the clinical field. After four months, I should be able to identify which areas I have improved and which require more time. Clinical Levels On Skills Assignment Paper



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