CP – Week 4 Discussion 1st REPLY

Reply to the following discussion by supporting the post.  You will want to focus on their point of view, asking pertinent questions, adding to the responses by including information from other sources. Be objective, clear, and concise. 

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It is important to support what you say with relevant citations in the APA format from both the course materials and outside resources. 

JA Discussion:


The search within these different tools was made up of a comprehensive literature research to answer the PICOT question being researched. The main idea of the research is to find which obese adult is more successful at losing weight and maintaining their weight loss; the one who used a medical intervention, such as medication, or the one who did it through diet and exercise. Due to the parameters that must be followed this research was completed using articles published between 2017 and 2021 and using the following databases: CINAHL, PubMed, Cochrane Library, Dynamed, TRIP Database, SU Library Search, and ScienceDirect. Search terms included “obese adults,” “weight loss with medical intervention,” “weight loss without medical intervention,” “weight loss with diet and exercise,” “lose weight by exercise and diet,” “weight loss maintenance,” “weight loss,” “management, ” “weight loss with medication,” and “long term weight loss management.” The search’s main inclusion criterion were adult subjects, full text, peer-reviewed scholarly, guidelines, and published within the last five years to ensure the most updated research analysis. Explicit exclusion criteria were non-English language, older than 2017, and children or adolescents. The search yielded 723 total articles. Five of the articles with the highest quality, that answer the PICOT question, and are evidence-based will be selected for the upcoming research. Evidence-based research is most accurate and considered in any medical research (JHNEBP, 2017).


The Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice (JHNEBP)/ Johns Hopkins University

School of Nursing. (2017).

Exploring the Literature

Picot Question: Are obese adults in America (P), more successful at losing weight with a medical intervention such as taking phentermine (I), compared to no medical intervention such as diet and exercise alone (C), at achieving and maintaining a healthy weight (O), over 12 months (T).

Research Tool

Search Terms & Limits




Keyword search:

– lose weight by exercise and diet

– weight loss maintenance

Limit features:

full text, peer reviewed, 2017-2021

CINAHL Heading search: weight loss without medical intervention

Limits: adults

10 research articles

I initially searched “lose weight by exercise and diet”

 yielding 59 articles. I narrowed my search by adding “weight loss maintenance.”

Moreover, 10 relevant research articles appeared.  I liked that I could narrow my search to the age group I needed for the PICOT.


Keyword search:

weight loss maintenance

Limit features:

Free full text, peer reviewed, published within 5 years

MESH search: weight loss without medical intervention

Limits: adults

141 journal articles

This site is easy to navigate. This database had the widest variety of articles. Search can be narrowed by text availability, article type, and publication date. This is my favorite search tool by far.

Cochrane Library

Keyword search:

weight loss with medical intervention

Limit features:


MESH search:

weight loss maintenance

Limits: none

24 journal articles

Searching for weight loss with medical intervention did not provide me with relevant research articles for my PICOT question. I tried an advanced search with MeSH, which did not yielded any articles relevant to my research. I tried the PICO search feature, but it was not very helpful.


Keyword search: weight loss

Also search by:


168 journal articles

This database had many articles. One can search by content type, which makes it helpful. I was able to find articles that could contribute to my research. 

TRIP Database

Keyword search: Population:  

obese adults


weight loss with medication


weight loss with diet and exercise


weight loss maintenance


Systematic Reviews


Since 2017

37 research articles

I liked the option to filter by PICO. I had to search in the PICO option when searching this database because the general search yielded too many articles that were not all relevant to my research. I found good information on current guidelines.

SU Library Search

Keyword search: long term weight loss management


Full text

Last 5 years

Peer-Reviewed (Scholarly)

25 journal articles

This database contains a lot of good articles. 203 articles appeared when I searched long term weight loss management. I then used the PICO search and peer-reviewed, which yielded 854 articles. I needed to narrow my search; thus, I tried searching by outcome “weight loss without medication,” and 25 articles appeared relevant to my research.  

Other Databases:


Keyword search: long term weight loss management



Practice guidelines

318 journal articles

This database provides a lot of information in many different publications types such as peer reviewed articles and books. I found peer reviewed articles that will help answer my PICO question. This database is reasonably easy to use and can refine search by years, article type, subject area, and publication title.

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