Critique Of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Essay Paper

Critique Of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Essay Paper

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Discussion Response

Special Requirements

Special training is vital, and these specialists should have a background in holotropic breathwork, which offers experience working with non-regular states of consciousness. Also, therapists may gain experience and training in internal family systems therapy that identifies and tackles the multiplicity of the psyche (Mithoefer, 2015). Moreover, training in sensorimotor psychotherapy is vital since linking psychological manifestations and states allows the participant to work with their bodies to process trauma and pain. Remarkably, the therapist must possess a patient-centered orientation. This will make them comfortable and follow the client’s emotional course. Lastly, they should have experience with PTSD. Critique Of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Essay Paper

Substance Abuse Disorders

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy may not be appropriate for clients with substance use issues because of the threat of worsening addiction. Nonetheless, it may be worthwhile for some people with PTSD under a managed environment as part of the all-inclusive therapy plan.


Other Psychiatric Disorders

Anxiety is one psychiatric condition that may benefit from MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Morgan. (2020) contends that MDMA releases monoamine and fosters dopamine and serotonin production. Also, it raises serum oxytocin, and brain imaging research asserts that there is decreased amygdala activity after administering MDMA. The result is reduced anxiety and hypervigilance and improved mood. Critique Of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Essay Paper

Your PowerPoint presentation has provided the chronology of this psychotherapy, showing how different professionals, specialists, and government agencies have worked to improve the therapy. Further, to add to the three stages you mentioned – preparation, sessions, and integration- the therapist and the client need to instigate a therapeutic association. Also, the sessions should last 6-8 hours. Moreover, I was impressed by your in-depth explanation of the DSM-IV-TR Criteria for PTSD. You have shown how a history of subjection to a traumatic occurrence meets two criteria and manifestations from distinct symptom classifications. Notably, signs of PTSD may be elevated by cultural differences. For instance, you have explained that these manifestations are higher among African Americans and Latinos who are ethnically disadvantaged even in a socioeconomic context. Lastly, you have identified the natural causes of PTSD, screening tools, and differential diagnosis. The presentation provided a clear breakdown of data that can easily be understood. Critique Of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Essay Paper


Mithoefer, M. C. (2015). A Manual for MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in the treatment of … – maps.

Morgan L. (2020). MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for people diagnosed with treatment-resistant PTSD: what it is and what it isn’t. Annals of General Psychiatry19, 33.

1. Review the attached presentation on MDMA- Assisted Psychotherapy. There are three “Thought Provoking statements” at the end of the slides. Formulate a response that addresses those statements and also provide a BRIEF reflection response to the presentation that includes at least 2 scholarly APA-cited sources regarding “motivational interviewing”. Your post should have thoughtful content and at least two peer-reviewed references (your textbooks do not count). Although we love when students support each other and provide compliments please do not simply respond “I agree” or “great job” as this will not be accepted as one of your weekly posts.

2. References MUST be written out in APA style. These responses are graded.

This is going into a discussion board. This assignment is not an APA paper it just needs to have APA citations for the sources and provide the APA reference Critique Of MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Essay Paper


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