Cultural Perspectives On Mental Illness Essay Paper

Cultural Perspectives On Mental Illness Essay Paper

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The psychiatric nurse practitioner uses psychotherapy as a powerful healing method. Best practice includes incorporating a holistic approach when providing care. With this in mind, please answer the following questions:

1. How does culture impact how the psychiatric advanced nurse practitioner provides psychotherapy?
2. How would you implement the CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) approach to the context of mental health treatment?

Your initial response should be 150 – 200 words in length, reflecting on the prompt above.
You are to use a minimum of 2 scholarly sources to support your response. All evidence cited must be no more than 5 years old, however, on occasion, where limited material is available, you may use research published within the last ten years. Some research evidence is considered seminal or landmark studies and therefore, regardless of the date of publication, is permissible.

Culture is of the essence in determining how the psychiatric advanced nurse practitioner conducts psychotherapy. Cultural influences over beliefs, norms, and values have tremendous power to shape a person’s perception of mental health and attitudes toward seeking treatment. In addition, therapy should be provided with good respect for culture, and the nurse practitioner should consider the patient’s cultural background. Cultural Perspectives On Mental Illness Essay Paper


Some cultural considerations take form in the barriers caused by language, beliefs about and around mental health and illness, attitudes towards help-seeking, and the family in making decisions. For example, other cultures might believe that mental illness comes from supernatural or spiritual causes, and this could require incorporating their spiritual or religious beliefs into the treatment process (Jackson, 2019). Nurse practitioners need to know this and respect the culture of their patients. Through continued education and attending varied cultural competence workshops, this could also be achieved by actively learning the cultures’ creeds, beliefs, and values. The usage of interpreters, as well as working with cultural liaisons or consultants, might be enough to facilitate filling existing communication or cultural gaps. Cultural Perspectives On Mental Illness Essay Paper

The approach used in CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) can be implemented in treating mental health as a comprehensive and integrative measure. The approach recognizes that many components, such as physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, encompass mental health. Therefore, all such methods, such as mindfulness, meditation, acupuncture, and (Olsson et al., 2020). CAM therapies, can be used in parallel to biomedical psychotherapies as a complementary intervention for better management of mental health.

Implementation of the CAM approach in mental health practice requires individual-based care by customization of mental health care to the preferences and needs of the patient. The nurse practitioner has to gain knowledge of the patient’s interest and willingness to try CAM techniques. Open communication, as well as providing information on the possible benefits and risks that exist from these techniques, is very critical. CAM modalities may involve relaxation techniques like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation or guided imagery integrated into the psychotherapy treatment to support stress management and calm the anxieties of patients. Mindfulness-based interventions involving self-awareness, grounding techniques, and promotion of emotional regulation may also be explored. Cultural Perspectives On Mental Illness Essay Paper



Jackson, J. (2019). Exploring the experiences of advanced practice psychiatric nurses: implications for developing a psychiatric nurse practitioner role (Doctoral dissertation, Brandon University, Faculty of Health Studies).

Olsson, A., Hedlund, S., & Landgren, K. (2022). To Use or Not Use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Psychiatric Care: Interviews with Clinical Decision-Makers in Sweden. Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 43(5), 463-472. Cultural Perspectives On Mental Illness Essay Paper

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