Different categories of organizational development (OD) interventions


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10-12 Slides + 250-word speaker notes per slide

There are several different categories of organizational development (OD) interventions, such as the following:

Human resource interventions
Technostructural interventions
Strategic change interventions
Team building interventions
The intent of human resources interventions is to improve the effectiveness of the human resource function. This would be inclusive of the improvement of employee performance, optimizing the well-being of employees and enhancement of employee productivity.

Technostructural interventions are intended to create long-term change for the purpose of process improvements. These would include the following:

The re-engineering of organizational processes
Job enrichment
Organizational structural changes
Strategic change interventions are transformational in nature. These interventions are implemented when there is a risk to either the long-term survival of a company or when there is a desire to change how a company operates radically.

Team-building interventions help to optimize the relationship and performance between team members. This may include the following:

Team-building exercises
Skill-based workshops
Personality-based activities
Problem-solving based teamwork
Address the following questions:

How do organizations benefit from human resource, technostructural, strategic change, and team-building interventions?
What factors could potentially impact the effectiveness of OD interventions?
How might different categories of OD interventions be used together?
What OD interventions do you consider to be the most important and why?


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