Disability in Older Adults Assignment Paper

Disability in Older Adults Assignment Paper

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The relationship between geriatric syndromes, multimorbidity and impairment in older people in China was investigated in a recent study, which found some significant overlaps and implications for healthcare use (Sanford et al., 2020). Two thousand six hundred eighteen persons sampled participated in this study to determine the prevalence of geriatric syndromes and multimorbidity when someone has two or more chronic diseases and disability as measured by the Instrumental Activity of Daily Living scale. Based on available data, 75.3% had geriatric syndromes, 41.8% had multimorbidity and 22.5% were handicapped, with up to 10.4% having all three diseases (geriatric syndromes, multimorbidity and a handicap). This article shows how these diseases’ prevalence and co-occurrence increased with age and indicates that focused healthcare strategies are required. Disability in Older Adults Assignment Paper

Another critical study also showed that geriatric syndrome’s pathophysiological basis is complicated as a result of multifactoriality. Geriatric syndromes are associated with multiple risk factors such as frailty and cognitive deficits, which often intertwine leading to a vicious cycle of negative outcomes such as disability, dependency or even death. The authors propose an interrelated model based on the synergy between risk factors, suggesting that understanding geriatric syndrome necessitates new conceptualizations beyond traditional linear models. This model offers the platform of intervention designs which can be created by integrating several program aspects like geriatric illnesses, health and wellbeing among older adults to achieve quality healthcare for this group. Disability in Older Adults Assignment Paper


The role of advanced practice nurses in terms of knowledge and care management are useful and essential for the patient (Josi et al., 2020). The caregivers in charge of the seniors can provide primary prevention through methods such as the provision of teaching programs on the prevalence of institutional abuse in a variety of fields of education and other multi-faceted approaches to quality patients’ care aimed at better patient outcomes. APNs would be in a good position to get equipped for this disease management as part of the training on assessment and early diagnosis included in their work. Thus, such studies can include among others numerous discipline that are dedicated for examining subtle environment of age-related disease, weakness and diseases that are often companied together. In other words, these nurses cohort could knowledgeably present such nursery health systems that concentrate on the preventative approaches; diagnosis at the early stages of diseases; and individually-centered care for meeting the requirements of the aged during disease episodes. Moreover, one of the positive outcomes of APN consists in conducting geriatric interventions by paying a thoughtful attention to older adults who suffer health problems known as geriatric syndromes through caring-centered practice. Disability in Older Adults Assignment Paper


Sanford, A. M., Morley, J. E., Berg-Weger, M., Lundy, J., Little, M. O., Leonard, K., & Malmstrom, T. K. (2020). High prevalence of geriatric syndromes in older adults. PloS one15(6), e0233857.

Josi, R., Bianchi, M., & Brandt, S. K. (2020). Advanced practice nurses in primary care in Switzerland: an analysis of interprofessional collaboration. BMC nursing19, 1-12.

Find one scholarly research article on geriatric syndrome and summarize the findings of that article in your own words.
Furthermore, what role might an advanced practice nurse (APN) play to advance our understanding of the identified geriatric syndrome.
For each discussion, you must create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts. Disability in Older Adults Assignment Paper


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