Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses And Healthcare Professionals Essay

Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses And Healthcare Professionals Essay

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A number of aspects need to be carefully considered in order to decide which external venue will work best for sharing the EBP project’s findings. While journal publication, state-level conferences, and national conferences all have their own benefits, the choice ultimately comes down to how best to disseminate, validate, and preserve the results. As a result, the best course of action is to submit an article for publication in a respectable journal. Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses And Healthcare Professionals Essay

The results can be published in a peer-reviewed journal, which has many important advantages. First off, having the results rigorously examined by subject matter experts lends legitimacy to the conclusions. This validation supports the validity and dependability of the findings and emphasizes their importance. Furthermore, journals usually have a wider readership that includes academics, educators, politicians, and healthcare professionals from both domestic and foreign contexts. This wider distribution guarantees that the EBP project’s influence transcends organizational borders and reaches a varied audience, potentially having ramifications for broad practice improvement. Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses And Healthcare Professionals Essay


Moreover, journal publications are more enduring and easily accessible than conference presentations (Schuldt et al., 2021). Published articles form a permanent part of the scientific literature, but conference speeches are temporary and only last for the period of the event. This guarantee continued effect and visibility over time, making the findings available to anyone looking for information on the subject long after it has been initially disseminated. Manuscripts also distinguish themselves by allowing for a thorough examination and plenty of room for the description of the approach, findings, debate, and practical ramifications. This thorough examination not only clarifies the subtleties of the EBP project but also makes it easier for other healthcare facilities looking to tackle related problems to replicate or modify it.

Finally, having an article published in a respectable journal gives writers chances for development and academic recognition (Tourish, 2020). It raises their reputation in the scientific community and could lead to opportunities for more joint research projects or professional growth. State- and national-level conferences offer great networking opportunities and fast response, but they might not have the same depth, reliability, and longevity as publications in journals. Therefore, submitting a manuscript for publication becomes the most advantageous and strategic course of action in the goal of optimizing the impact and reach of the EBP project results (Dang et al., 2021). Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses And Healthcare Professionals Essay


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You’ve just mentored a group of medical-surgical nurses on your unit through an EBP project addressing Hospital Associated Pressure Injury Rates, and your results were astounding! You want to disseminate your results quickly to let the world know of your team’s successes. The nurses know the results need to be disseminated internally but are torn between submitting an abstract for a state-level organization or a national conference or submitting a manuscript to a journal for publication. Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses And Healthcare Professionals Essay

Based on the above scenario, answer the following questions:

1. Where do you believe would be the best place to disseminate outside your organization; a state-level conference, a national conference, or submit a manuscript for publication?
2. What brought you to that thought? Evidence-Based Practice For Nurses And Healthcare Professionals Essay

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