Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

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Journal Entry #1

 Learning from Experiences

Challenging Patient Encounter A: NEW OB with Uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetes

What was most challenging: It was challenging to manage a newly pregnant patient with previously unknown Type 1 Diabetes. It was complex to discover the condition through a urine test and subsequently deal with a miscarriage.

What did I learn: This experience brought to light the significance of thorough and early prenatal screening. It emphasized the importance of raising awareness of pre-existing conditions that may have an impact on the course of a pregnancy. On an emotional level, it underscored how important it is to offer kind assistance during trying times, like a miscarriage. Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay


Resources available: I utilized standard prenatal screening protocols and engaged with the obstetric team for guidance (Johnston et al., 2023).

Evidence-based practice: I followed guidelines used to manage diabetes in pregnancy. The guidelines focused on optimizing maternal and fetal well-being.

New skills and learning: Enhanced empathy care delivery during emotionally charged situations. I learned the intricacies of managing diabetes in pregnancy.

What would I do differently: Implement more comprehensive pre-conception screening to identify potential risk factors earlier. Strengthen emotional support resources for patients facing pregnancy complications.

Managing patient flow: I prioritized timely consultations, collaborated closely with the obstetric team to streamline care.

Challenging Patient Encounter B: 41-year-old with Uterine Fibroid and Abnormal Bleeding

What was most challenging: Navigating the diagnostic challenges posed by abnormal uterine bleeding in a patient with a history of regular periods, no contraceptive use, and a husband with a vasectomy. The discovery of a uterine fibroid added complexity. Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

What did I learn: This case emphasized the importance of considering atypical presentations of gynaecological issues. It highlighted the need for clear communication when conveying complex diagnoses and treatment options.

Resources available: I applied established protocols for investigating abnormal uterine bleeding, including transvaginal ultrasound (Heremans et al., 2022). I also collaborated with gynecologists for consultation on the management plan.

Evidence-based practice: I followed evidence-based guidelines for diagnosing and managing abnormal uterine bleeding, including the use of imaging to identify underlying causes.

New skills and learning: Developed better counselling skills for explaining complex medical conditions and treatment options. I Gained insights into managing gynaecological conditions that deviate from standard presentations.

What would I do differently: I would ensure clearer communication about potential causes of abnormal bleeding during initial consultations. Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

Managing patient flow: Focused on efficient scheduling of diagnostic tests and consultations to streamline the patient’s journey through the healthcare system.

Challenging Patient Encounter C: Fertility Issues and Uncooperative Spouse

What was most challenging: Addressing fertility issues in a patient where the husband refused to provide a sperm sample. Despite evidence of ovulation and fertility drug use, the inability to rule out male factor infertility created a delicate situation.

What did I learn: This case emphasized the importance of delicate communication and counselling in fertility-related issues. It underscored the need for involving both partners actively in the diagnostic process and fostering a supportive environment.

Resources available: I Utilized fertility specialists for guidance and engaged in open communication with the couple. Collaborated with reproductive endocrinologists to explore alternative diagnostic approaches. Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

Evidence-based practice: Followed evidence-based protocols for managing infertility by Penzias et al. (2020).  I focused on comprehensive diagnostic evaluations.

New skills and learning: Enhanced communication skills, particularly in navigating sensitive conversations. I gained insights into the psychological and emotional aspects of fertility challenges.

What would I do differently: Adopt a proactive approach in involving both partners early in the diagnostic process. Implement strategies to address potential reluctance in providing crucial diagnostic information.

Managing patient flow: Scheduled follow-up appointments and consultations strategically to accommodate the emotional aspects of fertility-related care. Collaborated with the fertility team for a coordinated approach to patient management. Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

Communicating and Feedback

Improving Skills and Knowledge

I have a commitment to actively participate in ongoing learning and development to advance my expertise. It will be my primary goal to schedule frequent feedback meetings with my preceptor. This will promote candid discussion about individual cases. This strategy provides an ongoing feedback loop. This enables me to pinpoint my areas of improvement, learn about other strategies, and effectively hone my clinical skills.

Self-Assessment and Missing Components

I understand the value of self-evaluation in identifying any gaps or flaws in my current performance. It is essential to carefully examine communication techniques, decision-making procedures, and interactions with patients. Through actively requesting feedback from my peers and Preceptor, I am able to assess my strengths and areas that still need improvement. This proactive approach guarantees that my strengths and opportunities for development are well-rounded. Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

Preceptor Feedback

I greatly appreciate my Preceptor’s constructive criticism as a means of fostering my professional development. Having open lines of communication about my areas of strength and weakness as well as targeted advice on honing my craft has been extremely helpful in my learning process. Creating a mutual feedback loop with my Preceptor lays the groundwork for ongoing improvement, which in turn ensures the best possible patient care and efficient teamwork within the healthcare system.




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Heremans, R., Van Den Bosch, T., Valentin, L., Wynants, L., Pascual, M. A., Fruscio, R., … & IETA Consortium. (2022). Ultrasound features of endometrial pathology in women without abnormal uterine bleeding: results from the International Endometrial Tumor Analysis study (IETA3). Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology60(2), 243-255.

Penzias, A., Bendikson, K., Falcone, T., Hansen, K., Hill, M., Jindal, S., … & Hurd, W. (2020). Evidence-based treatments for couples with unexplained infertility: a guideline. Fertility and sterility113(2), 305-322.  Evidence-Based Treatments For Couples With Unexplained Infertility Essay

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