Exploring The Dynamics Of Prolonged Exposure Therapy Assignment Paper

Exploring The Dynamics Of Prolonged Exposure Therapy Assignment Paper

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1. Review the attached presentation on Prolonged Exposure Therapy. There are three “Questions to Consider” toward the end of the slides. Formulate a response that addresses those statements and also provides a BRIEF reflection response to the presentation that includes at least 2 scholarly APA-cited sources regarding “motivational interviewing”. Your post should have thoughtful content and at least two peer-reviewed references (your textbooks do not count).

2. References MUST be written out in APA style. These responses are graded.

This is going into a discussion board. This assignment is not an APA paper it just needs to have APA citations for the sources and provide the APA reference citation at the end of it. Exploring The Dynamics Of Prolonged Exposure Therapy Assignment Paper


Prolonged Exposure Therapy Presentation Response

The Prolonged Exposure Therapy (PET) presentation provides a thorough introduction to the therapeutic method, highlighting its effectiveness in treating disorders associated to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Critical thought is prompted by the three questions.

Question 1: Do you think everyone diagnosed with PTSD would benefit from prolonged exposure therapy? In what cases would you err on the side of caution?

Even while PET has shown promise, not all PTSD patients may benefit equally from it (Raut et al., 2022)Exploring The Dynamics Of Prolonged Exposure Therapy Assignment Paper. It is advisable to proceed with caution, particularly in situations involving recent trauma or current suicidal thoughts, as it may be necessary to stabilize the patient before beginning exposure. Treatment recommendations should be based on individual readiness, comorbidities, and cultural background.

Question 2: How would you go about educating a patient about the benefit of exposing themselves to trauma as a therapeutic approach and not a means to retraumatize?

It is essential to inform patients about the therapeutic purpose of PET. Collaborative goal-setting, psychoeducation regarding the controlled nature of exposure, and clear communication are crucial (Lange, 2020)Exploring The Dynamics Of Prolonged Exposure Therapy Assignment Paper. Establishing trust is facilitated by highlighting the fact that the goal is to enable them to process and develop control over unpleasant memories rather than to cause them further pain.

Question 3: Would you implement PET in your future practice? Why or why not?

The choice to use PET depends on a personalized evaluation that takes into account the patient’s readiness, the severity of their symptoms, and cultural considerations. Despite being an evidence-based strategy, the suitability of PET should be assessed on an individual basis. It is essential to be adaptable, to continuously assess, and to include patient preferences.

Reflection on Motivational Interviewing:

As a useful addition to PET, motivational interviewing (MI) helps to engage and motivate patients throughout the therapy process. MI’s goal of improving intrinsic motivation is in line with PET’s collaborative style, which helps to establish a therapeutic bond and raises the possibility of positive results. The incorporation of MI concepts into PET has the potential to improve patient adherence and engagement.



Lange, T. M. (2020). Trans-affirmative narrative exposure therapy (TA-NET): A therapeutic approach for targeting minority stress, internalized stigma, and trauma reactions among gender diverse adults. Practice Innovations5(3), 230.

Raut, S. B., Marathe, P. A., van Eijk, L., Eri, R., Ravindran, M., Benedek, D. M., … & Johnson, L. R. (2022). Diverse therapeutic developments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) indicate common mechanisms of memory modulation. Pharmacology & therapeutics239, 108195. Exploring The Dynamics Of Prolonged Exposure Therapy Assignment Paper

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