Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

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– instructions and rubric are attached
– discussion from week 7 about work environment assessment is attached for review (as ask in the instructions)(just for reference)
– this is for a nurse practitioner degree, I work in a hospital environment (ARNP degree class) Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

Part 1: Work Environment Assessment

The workplace assessment indicated that an overall healthy environment characterized by good communication and respect is needed. From the assessment, it was clear that workers are contended with the organization’s culture and reported friendly interaction and respect between coworkers. It was evident that minor adjustments were needed to enhance general civility. It was noted that the workplace has inclusive rules, open lines of communication, and team-building initiatives, and the workplace has been able to achieve an environment that is generally friendly.


One of the issues that surprised me was the reported incidents of incivility occurring in the workplace. This is despite the workplace having inclusive policies, open communication, and team-building activities in place. There had been an incident during a team meeting when two coworkers engaged in a heated argument after having different viewpoints. This caused a disruption in the usually amicable environment. Another aspect that surprised me was that the conflict made it clear that the team needed conflict resolution training. The team leader also identified this need and planned training geared towards improving the worker’s conflict resolution and communication skills. Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

The results of the workplace environment assessment suggested that the organization had an overall healthy environment with good communication and respect. While the organization enjoyed a relatively conducive workplace environment in terms of health and civility, the recent argument made it clear that there was room for improvement. Occasional issues still arise, confirming the need for ongoing training and dialogue to uphold workplace civility as the norm. Maintaining open communication channels and continually reinforcing mutual understanding and conflict management skills will help sustain civility.

Part 2: Reviewing the Literature

The concept presented in the article by Clark (2019) is the Pathway for Fostering Organizational Civility (PFOC). The PFOC is a framework that is used to create a healthier and more civil workplace. This is a comprehensive and dynamic approach to workplace improvement that offers a systematic approach to promoting a culture of civility and respect. The concept is comprised of eight steps. The first step of the framework is to raise awareness concerning the benefits of civility, enlighten the main stakeholders about the negative impacts of incivility, and garner the required leadership support at different levels needed to ensure a healthy work environment (Clark, 2019).  Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper The second step in the PFOC framework is assembling and empowering a civility team and gaining broad-based support. The team is tasked with the duty of facilitating the transition into a more civil, healthy organizational culture. The third step is about assessing organizational civility at all levels, which will provide meaningful information to individualize the PFOC data-driven action plan. Step four involves developing a data-driven action plan. Step five in the PFOC framework involves the implementation of the data-driven action plan, which may involve developing and implementing a civility charter with clear norms and ground rules used for social engagement (Clark, 2019). Step six in the framework is the evaluation and reassessment, which involves measuring progress, goal attainment, and effectiveness of the civility interventions implementation to determine whether there have been notable changes over time. The seventh step is rewarding civility and consolidating successes, which involves recognizing and celebrating who made a significant impact on the achievements of the initiative and in the change process (Clark, 2019). The final step in the PFOC framework is expanding the civility initiative. Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

The PFOC relates well to the workplace environment assessment in my environment. It emphasizes the need to create and sustain organizational civility by implementing best practices and initiatives within the organization. It supports that action by the team leader who implemented conflict resolution skills training. The PFOC supports such a move as a response to the urgent calls to action seeking to foster and maintain civility. PFOC relates to the workplace environment assessment in terms of the need to attain leadership support. Engaging leaders is essential in ensuring a commitment to a culture of respect and dignity. Our workplace environment assessment made it clear that the leaders had the awareness and were in support of initiatives to promote civility within the organization. Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

My workplace can utilize the PFOC as a structured approach to cultivate a culture of civility within the workplace. To raise awareness and garner leadership support, it is important to organize workshops and presentations about the benefits of civility and the negative impact on civility in the workplace. PFOC can further be used to measure civility and continuously assess the needs of the organization by utilizing ideal tools such as the Clark Workplace Civility Index to periodically assess the state of civility. The PFOC framework should guide the organization in assembling a civility team, drawn from different departments, which will be used to develop and implement a civility action plan. To avoid being reactive to situations, as was the case after the argument, the organization should implement a civility action plan. This action plan will help the organization take proactive measures to promote civility instead of being reactive to situations when they occur. The leaders at the workplace should work with the civility team to put in place and define a clear vision for a civil workplace. This vision should be communicated to all the members of the organization. There should be strategies and interventions geared toward addressing various incivility concerns. The civility team should carry out several civility trainings to enhance the employees’ civility competencies, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

Part 3: Evidence-Based Strategies to Create High-Performance Interprofessional Teams

Strategies to Address Shortcomings in the Workplace Environment Assessment

One of the key strategies that may be implemented to address the shortcomings identified in the assessment is civility training programs. Civility training programs promote respectful and considerate behavior among the employees in a workplace. Such training programs are offered to employees with the aim of lowering staff conflicts and preventing bullying within the workplace. The civility training programs will seek to engage employees in discussion about respectful behavior at work, clarification of accepted norms at the workplace, and skill-building to attain positive interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. In their study, Soliman and Eldeep (2021) identified that the implementation of training programs about incivility prevention within the workplace is essential in enhancing the psychological well-being of healthcare practitioners. According to Armstrong (2018), integrated education on workplace incivility and training contributed to effective responses about workplace incivility and an opportunity to practice creating a safe environment. Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

Another strategy that can be implemented is introducing a clear reporting process for the incivility process. This strategy seeks to offer a safe venue for issues to be reported and, therefore, enable early resolution, addressing the problem, and ensuring accountability. In their study, Pattani et al. (2018) identified that there is an agreement that reporting mechanisms are essential to help improve civility and ensure that the reporting systems are clear, protect confidentiality, and are clear on steps, timelines, and potential consequences. Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper

Strategies to Bolster Successful Practices

The strategies that can be implemented to bolster successful practices include the team norming process and civility recognition programs. The team norming process will be used to guide teams in collaboratively reviewing and improving the “norms” or standards about interacting to reinforce the positive aspects of a collaborative culture (Young, 2023). Norming movements cultivate environments where civility, respect, and accountability flourish. The civility recognition programs are programs where peers can acknowledge their peers’ actions that depict the collaborative values and champions of respective communication. This helps to ensure positive reinforcement, affirmation, and propagation of cultural strengths associated with civility. The team norming process helps the workers to appreciate diversity across the teams, which creates a positive impact on the performance of such a team and allows such a team to have a wide range of knowledge to address emerging challenges related to workplace civility (Haynes et al., 2019). In their study, Garcia et al. (2021) identified that a civility recognition program offers employees the required tools to identify and intervene in the improvement of civility. Having such programs is essential in improving the overall work environment. According to Ota et al. (2022), enforcing policies and procedures to facilitate behavioral norms in terms of daily workflow, holding oneself and others responsible for acceptable behaviors, and role-modeling desired behaviors are initiatives that show to-point accountability. Fostering a Culture of Civility And Respect in Nursing Essay Paper


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