Granted internet access to confidential personnel data.


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You’ve just loaded a cart full of groceries from the shopping cart into the trunk of your car. It’s raining, and your toddler is throwing a tantrum. There’s an empty parking space beside you, but the ‘return shopping cart’ corral is 20 yards away. Do you return the cart to the corral?

You’re at work, and you realize you’ve somehow been granted internet access to confidential personnel data. You find out that the person who gave you that access is a work friend, but they weren’t supposed to have access to that information either. Do you tell anyone?

Your apartment was burglarized, and many things were stolen, including a television in your living room. That television, however, had been broken down, irreparably, and was worthless—you just haven’t had the time or money to replace it. Luckily you have renter’s insurance to cover your losses. Do you include the television in your insurance claim?
Second: Explain how you would respond in that scenario and why. Your response should clearly connect to one of the 5 Main Ethical Frameworks below. Don’t stop at “because that’s what I think.” Why is that what you think? Remember: to critically evaluate your understanding. Explain what your ethical framework is all about and how that informs how you act in ethically tricky situations. (I would do…. because my ethical framework is ___virtue ethics___ which says that…..)
Divine-Command Ethics
Consquentialism / Utilitarianism
Deontological Ethics
Virtue Ethics

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