Health Policy And Its Impact On Quality And Research Paper

Health Policy And Its Impact On Quality And Research Paper

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According to the Kuehnert et al. (2022) article, nursing actions can support timely health policy changes that focus on upstream factors. The authors specifically identified six key areas of the social determinants of health (SDoH) that need policy change to improve population health. Health Policy And Its Impact On Quality And Research Paper

  1. Economic Stability
  2. Education Access and Quality
  3. Health Care Access and Quality
  4. Neighborhood and Built Environment
  5. Social and Community Context
  6. Planetary Conditions


Based on your assigned key area, provide the following information using a 5-6 slide narrated PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Describe your SDoH area by incorporating data findings and information from Healthy People 2030.
  2. Based on your key area, identify the policy targets.
  3. Recommend a policy change focused on improving health equity (different than those offered in the article) that would be beneficial in addressing your SDoH. Support the recommendation with references.
  4. Identify population-focused strategies and tactics nurses can use to influence the recommended policy.
  5. In researching your factor, what information was new to you? Health Policy And Its Impact On Quality And Research Paper


  • Please note that my assigned key area is number 1: Economic Stability
  • Based on my key area (Economic Stability) follow assignment instructions by covering all contents from A-E on the PowerPoint
  • You can cover the instruction under each letter on one slide
  • Please write a note under each slide that will be used to narrate the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Please references should be APA format 7th edition

Readings & Resources Health Policy And Its Impact On Quality And Research Paper

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Hello, everyone. In this presentation, we’ll delve into the key area of Economic Stability within the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH). Let’s explore the impact of economic factors on health and discuss how nursing actions can support timely health policy changes to address this determinant. According to Healthy People 2030, economic stability plays a crucial role in shaping the overall well-being of individuals and communities

Now, let’s identify the policy targets for Economic Stability. The policies that aim to improve economic stability can have a significant positive impact on health outcomes. These policies may include measures to address income inequality, support job creation, and enhance financial security. It’s essential to understand how these policies can influence the economic factors that contribute to health disparities.

Considering the importance of economic stability, I recommend a policy change focused on improving health equity. One effective approach could be the implementation of targeted social programs aimed at reducing income inequality and providing financial assistance to vulnerable populations. Research suggests that such policies can contribute to better health outcomes (Gentry et al., 2020)Health Policy And Its Impact On Quality And Research Paper


As nurses, our influence extends beyond patient care. To support the recommended policy change, nurses can engage in advocacy, collaborate with policymakers, and participate in community outreach programs. By actively addressing economic stability through these strategies, nurses contribute to creating a healthier and more equitable society (American Association of Critical Care Nurses, 2023; Nursing Alliance for Quality Care, n.d.

In researching economic stability and its impact on health, I gained new insights into the interconnectedness of economic factors and well-being. It’s clear that addressing economic stability is a critical step towards achieving health equity. As nurses, our roles in policy advocacy and community engagement are pivotal in driving positive change. Let’s continue working together to enhance economic stability and improve health outcomes for all. Health Policy And Its Impact On Quality And Research Paper

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