Healthcare Information Technology Trends Sample Paper

Healthcare Information Technology Trends Sample Paper

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Healthcare information technology is a widely used technology, usually applied in most healthcare facilities to maximize efficiency in the provision of healthcare services among patients. One trend in healthcare information technology that I have observed being used in my current organization is the electronic health records (EHRs). EHR is an organized systematic healthcare information technology that facilitate the healthcare providers to update and easily access patient information, hence impacting an improvement in the communication as well as coordination of care provided to patients (Dinh-Le et al., 2019)Healthcare Information Technology Trends Sample Paper. There are however, several risks that accompany the use of EHRs, including privacy violations and security breaches.


A common benefit on the use of EHRs is its ability to enable improved data management, in the concept of legislation, safety of the data and the process of patient care. As such, EHRs facilitate a timely access to patient information hence facilitating a quick and informed decision making process by the healthcare providers (Shah & Khan, 2020). However, security breaches is a demerit associated with the use of EHRs, which can consequently violate the privacy of the patient, thus impacting financial and legal consequences upon the healthcare organizations involved (Dinh-Le et al., 2019).

Telehealth is the other promising healthcare information technology that I believe is promising to the future of nursing practice. Telehealth is a type of technology that allows patients to be closely monitored by their healthcare providers without physically visiting the healthcare facilities (Hah & Goldin, 2019). As such, telehealth incorporates remote monitoring services and use of video conferencing among other technologies to remotely connect the patients to their healthcare providers. The technology consequently reduces the healthcare costs for the patients as well as improving their satisfaction towards the services being offered remotely. For instance, patients living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases do not necessarily need to physically visit the hospital whenever telehealth services are available. However, telehealth is affected by a major drawback of most patients lacking accessibility and knowledge to use its services. Healthcare Information Technology Trends Sample Paper


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