Healthcare Policy Development For Patient Safety And Workforce Satisfaction Discussion

Healthcare Policy Development For Patient Safety And Workforce Satisfaction Discussion

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Policies addressing national healthcare concerns can be greatly influenced by competing needs in the healthcare system, including those pertaining to patients, resources, and the workforce (Sabat et al., 2020)Healthcare Policy Development For Patient Safety And Workforce Satisfaction Discussion. Considering the nationwide problem of nurse staffing and 12-hour shift usage in healthcare. In this case, the organization’s requirement to efficiently manage its limited resources, the workforce’s demand for flexible work schedules to improve job satisfaction and retention, and the overall objective of guaranteeing patient safety and high-quality care are in conflict.


In order to attain a better work-life balance, which can enhance job satisfaction and retention, nurses frequently support 12-hour hours. Longer shifts, however, may increase errors and jeopardize patient safety and care quality, according to study. Effective leaders are put in a difficult position when it comes to juggling the demands of the workforce with the necessity of providing patients with safe and effective treatment. Healthcare Policy Development For Patient Safety And Workforce Satisfaction Discussion

Policies that deal with this issue have to balance these conflicting demands properly. A policy might, for instance, mandate the use of evidence-based staffing models that take worker well-being and patient safety into account (Munn et al., 2021). This might involve varying shift durations, which would offer flexibility while lowering the dangers connected with long workdays. Policies may also provide for continuing education and training to strengthen the skills and resilience of nurses, which will benefit patients.

In conclusion, a nuanced approach to policy formulation that recognizes and answers competing needs is necessary for effective leadership in the healthcare industry. Finding a balance between the demands of patient care, the preferences of the workforce, and available resources necessitates careful thought and evidence-based decision-making.


Munn, L. T., Liu, T. L., Swick, M., Rose, R., Broyhill, B., New, L., & Gibbs, M. (2021). Well-being and resilience among health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study. AJN, American Journal of Nursing121(8), 24-34.

Sabat, I., Neumann-Böhme, S., Varghese, N. E., Barros, P. P., Brouwer, W., van Exel, J., … & Stargardt, T. (2020). United but divided: Policy responses and people’s perceptions in the EU during the COVID-19 outbreak. Health Policy124(9), 909-918. Healthcare Policy Development For Patient Safety And Workforce Satisfaction Discussion


Quite often, nurse leaders are faced with ethical dilemmas, such as those associated with choices between competing needs and limited resources. Resources are finite, and competition for those resources occurs daily in all organizations.

For example, the use of 12-hour shifts has been a strategy to retain nurses. However, evidence suggests that as nurses work more hours in a shift, they commit more errors. How do effective leaders find a balance between the needs of the organization and the needs of ensuring quality, effective, and safe patient care?

In this Discussion, you will reflect on a national healthcare issue and examine how competing needs may impact the development of polices to address that issue.


To Prepare:

  • Review the Resources and think about the national healthcare issue/stressor you previously selected for study in Module 1.
  • Reflect on the competing needs in healthcare delivery as they pertain to the national healthcare issue/stressor you previously examined.

Post :

An explanation of how competing needs, such as the needs of the workforce, resources, and patients, may impact the development of policy. Then, describe any specific competing needs that may impact the national healthcare issue/stressor you selected. What are the impacts, and how might policy address these competing needs? Be specific and provide examples. Healthcare Policy Development For Patient Safety And Workforce Satisfaction Discussion

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