Holistic Care Management Of Diabetes Assignment Discussion

Holistic Care Management Of Diabetes Assignment Discussion

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Insulin affordability has remained a pressing issue in the American healthcare sector, undoubtedly affecting millions of individuals in the country and the globe including those in disadvantaged areas. Your focus is a great choice, with the identified personal connection adding great depth to your selected advocacy. According to Beran et al. (2021), the correlation between healthcare access and the ability to afford medications such as insulin is crucial. In agreement with the provided statistics whereby 1 in 1o people in America lacks insurance highlights the systematic barriers faced by many regarding accessing treatment. Holistic Care Management Of Diabetes Assignment Discussion


Different government regimes have had diverse approaches to the identified issues. between President Obama and Biden, the former gave an executive order to combat prescription price gouging while President Bidem focused on caping insulin cost at 35usd (Beran et al., 2021)Holistic Care Management Of Diabetes Assignment Discussion. Both approaches are identified as significant steps in the right direction of increasing affordability and accessibility to insulin, with the approaches aiming to reduce the financial burden on diabetes patients.

While Biden’s approach to capping the cost of insulin is a positive move, it is essential to acknowledge that, affordability remains an issue for many Americans especially those defined by financial challenges. Facets such as inflation and the rising cost of living continue to exacerbate the challenge to individuals regarding affording essential medications i.e. insulin. Regarding your suggestion to make insulin-free, it is not only inspirational but also raises key questions regarding accessibility and equity regarding healthcare services. While achieving universal access to essential medications is an admirable goal, it’s crucial to consider the broader implications, including funding mechanisms and sustainability.

On the other hand, while addressing the cost of insulin is vital, it is also equally important to explore the comprehensive approaches to diabetes care such as prevention, education, and holistic disease management practices. According to Juanamasta et al. (2021), by investing resources in preventive measures, while providing the necessary support to individuals, the need for expensive intervention such as insulin therapy can be mitigated. Holistic Care Management Of Diabetes Assignment Discussion

In summary, your advocacy for affordable insulin underscores the urgent need for stakeholders to develop strategies to address healthcare inequities and hence ensure access to essential medication for all. While incremental steps have been taken, there is still much work to be done to achieve universal access to healthcare and promote population health effectively.


Juanamasta, I. G., Aungsuroch, Y., Gunawan, J., Suniyadewi, N. W., & Nopita Wati, N. M. (2021). Holistic Care Management of Diabetes Mellitus: An Integrative Review. International journal of preventive medicine12, 69.

Beran, D., Lazo-Porras, M., Mba, C. M., & Mbanya, J. C. (2021). A global perspective on the issue of access to insulin. Diabetologia64(5), 954–962.

There are many population health topics that arise to the presidential agenda level that are very important. The one that I am most passionate about is the cost of insulin. I have many family members who are Type 1 Diabetics and need insulin to survive. As of 2021, there were 463 million people who have diabetes globally and 79% of those people live in disadvantaged regions (Brennan, 2022). Of the five social determinants listed on (Social Determinants of Health, n.d.), the one that most affects this health issue is health care access and quality. About 1 in 10 people in the United States do not have health insurance which leads to them not going to be seen by a primary care provider and may not be able to afford medications (Healthy People 2030)Holistic Care Management Of Diabetes Assignment Discussion. Unfortunately, diabetes has become very common in the United States. Some people opt not to take their insulin as they should because of the cost, resulting in death. This is more common in the lower-class population of people because they simply cannot afford insulin.

President Obama took action in 2011 to fight price gauging in prescriptions that were due to drug shortages (Fact sheet: Obama administration, 2011). Because there was such a shortage of certain drugs, the prices of the drugs increased drastically. Obama’s executive order made required early notification of potential drug shortages as well as expedited the process for new companies to be able to produce the drugs that were short (Fact sheet: Obama administration, 2011). President Biden took it even a step further and capped the cost of insulin at $35 so that it would be more affordable for every population of Americans (Fact sheet: President Biden’s cap, 2023). This is great and gives many more people the opportunity to be able to afford insulin as they need and will help save many lives.


If it were up to me, I would make insulin free if possible. I know that is not realistic and the price capped at $35 is a great start. However, I would like to make it cost even less. Type 1 diabetics do not have a choice in being diabetic. Insulin is a drug that they need to survive. With the cost of living increasing so much in general and inflation, $35 may even be too much for some people. Everyone should have access to essentials for staying alive.

Respond to your colleagues by expanding on their response and providing an example that supports their explanation or respectfully challenging their explanation and providing an example. Holistic Care Management Of Diabetes Assignment Discussion

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