Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Discussion Essay Paper

Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Discussion Essay Paper

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Objective 1: By the end of my practicum, I would like to improve my therapeutic communication.

Planned activities

To achieve my objective and ensure that my therapeutic communication meets my expectations, I will engage in a number of activities such as attending trainings on effective communication within a mental health setting. Trainings offer objective skills that can help me achieve my objectives. According to Ammentorp et al., (2021), communication training programs for healthcare providers helps improve the competencies and knowledge related to patient-centered care. The second activity is to engage my colleagues in practicing communication techniques. This is particularly important because it will help me gain the confidence required in communication. In addition, engaging with colleagues can provide an avenue for us to take various roles and hence, improve the communication techniques as a group. The last activity will be to monitor how experienced practitioners interact with clients and assess for aspects that enhance effective communication. Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Discussion Essay Paper


The mode of assessment

The first mode of assessment that I will employ is through self reflection where I will assess my personal progress in communication skills. While personal reflection may not be a standard mode of assessment, it will help me have a limelight on the progress I have made. The second and preferably the most important mode of assessment will be the feedback from colleagues and preceptors based on observed interactions; this mode of assessment is essential because it will give room for corrections and also highlight areas where improvement is needed.


PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed

  1. Demonstrate advanced therapeutic communication skills in mental health nursing practice.
  2. Evaluate and refine communication strategies for diverse populations. Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Discussion Essay Paper


Objective 2: In the course of my practicum, I would like to enhance my ability to perform a comprehensive mental health assessment.

Planned activities

The first activity that I plan to undertake in achieving my objective is to attend relevant seminars on advanced mental health assessment techniques. This activity will allow me to gather more skills on comprehensive mental health assessment. The second activity will be to take a more active role in making follow up assessments. This activity will help me benchmark some assessment aspects that will ultimately improve my mental health assessment.

Mode of assessment

  1. Self assessment based on the complexity of observed assessments.
  2. Discussion with my peers on assessment techniques during group meetings
  • Feedback and reviews from my preceptor based on completed mental health assessments. Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Discussion Essay Paper

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

  1. Demonstrate competence in conducting comprehensive mental health assessments.
  2. Integrate advanced assessment skills into care for individuals with mental health issues.

Objective 3: By the end of my practicum, I would like to be proficient in implementing accurate individualized treatment plans.

Planned activities

Attend conferences and discussions with my peers and share our knowledge on different treatment options and approaches.

I will develop treatment plans for patients under supervision from competent providers.

Work with inter-professional teams to help understand the various treatment outcomes.

Mode of assessment

The first mode is self assessment on the efficacy of the treatment plans developed.

I will use feedback from my preceptor and colleagues. Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Discussion Essay Paper

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed

To formulate and implement evidence based treatment plans in mental health nursing.

Collaborate with inter-professional teams to improve treatment outcomes among patients with mental health conditions.


Ammentorp, J., Bigi, S., Silverman, J., Sator, M., Gillen, P., Ryan, W., … & Martin, P. (2021). Upscaling communication skills training–lessons learned from international initiatives. Patient education and counseling, 104(2), 352-359.Top of Form Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Discussion Essay Paper

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