Interprofessional Educational Approach Discussion Paper

Interprofessional Educational Approach Discussion Paper

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Hi Felicia. Current educational approaches should include opportunities for engagement in interprofessional practice and education. This helps toward delivering collaborative care that strengthens health systems along with improving health outcomes. However, health care professionals must be competent enough to work collaboratively so that the care provided is safe and of quality (NLN, 2016). What are your thoughts? How can this be accomplished? Thanks. Dr. Wright

Reference: NLN. (2016). A vision for Interprofessional collaboration in education and practice. Nursing Education Perspectives, 37(1), 58. doi: 10.1097/01.NEP.0000476111.94472.a6 Interprofessional Educational Approach Discussion Paper



Hi Dr Wright,

Having done my research in this area, I would love to agree with your emphasize on the need for an interprofessional educational approach in the promotion of excellent service provision in the health sector. In my opinion, interprofessional education must be integrated in the school curriculum since it prepares the learners to embrace teamwork and co-exist with individuals working in other departments in the health workforce. On the other hand, it is crucial to note that learning with no practice causes substandard services. Therefore, Yancey (2019) posits that health care workers must also exhibit competency and have excellent communication skills which are evident through using the correct channels to deliver messages in different departments to the correct reciepients. In health care provision, poor communication among departments has been associated with medical errors, which lower safety, causing dissatisfaction among patients.  Interprofessional Educational Approach Discussion Paper

However, this can be avoided by ensuring that there are clear communication channels that link departments with trained experts who can interpret medical messages. For example, the nursing department, laboratory and phamarcy for the diagnosis and prescription of correct medicines. Lastly, in my quest to being a nurse lead who impacts their team and the general society by providing safe and quality care, I have realized that to ensure maximum integration of interprofessional care in facilities, health workers should be given the opportunity to communicate openly with other departments about their expereince in the workplace. The practice ensures a collaborative problem solving approach that ensures that teams from different departments analyze issues and come up with solutions (Yancey, 2019). Thus, a collaborative problem solving approach promotes sustainable operations that encourage workers to work towards organizational goals which focus on the provision of safety and quality care.


Yancey, N. R. (2019). Collaboration in teaching-learning: Honoring the wisdom of diverse perspectives. Nursing Science Quarterly32(4), 278-282. Interprofessional Educational Approach Discussion Paper

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