Knowledge for Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

Knowledge for Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

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AACN Essentials (2021)

Reflections for Week 15 in NUR700


Domain 1: Knowledge for Nursing Practice

Descriptor: Integration, translation, and application of established and evolving disciplinary nursing knowledge and ways of knowing, as well as knowledge from other disciplines, including a foundation in liberal arts and natural and social sciences. This distinguishes the practice of professional nursing and forms the basis for clinical judgment and innovation in nursing practice. Knowledge for Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

Competency statements


1.1f Demonstrate the application of nursing science to practice.

1.1g Integrate an understanding of nursing history in advancing nursing’s influence in health care.

1.2j Translate theories from nursing and other disciplines to


1.3f Analyze decision models from nursing and other knowledge domains to improve clinical judgment.


Domain 9: Professionalism

Descriptor: Formation and cultivation of a sustainable professional nursing identity, accountability, perspective, collaborative disposition, and comportment that reflects nursing’s characteristics and values. Knowledge for Nursing Practice Assignment Paper


Competency statements

9.3i Advocate for nursing’s professional responsibility for

ensuring optimal care outcomes.

9.5f Articulate nursing’s unique professional identity to other

interprofessional team members and the public.


Domain 10: Personal, Professional, and Leadership Development

Descriptor: Participation in activities and self-reflection that foster personal health, resilience, and well-being, lifelong learning, and support the acquisition of nursing expertise and assertion of leadership. Knowledge for Nursing Practice Assignment Paper

Competency statement

10.2 Demonstrate a spirit of inquiry that fosters flexibility and professional maturity.

Wk 15 Word Cloud option

This week’s reflection results in the creation of a Word Cloud to share with your peers.

There are several Word Cloud resources available for you on the Internet.  You may have created them in the past and prefer a certain one.  Some offer free 1-week trials.  You are welcome to use the resource that works best for you.

If you are looking to create one, without ‘signing up’ for the free trial or an account, here’s a suggestion:

Sample Opening page Screenshot: Knowledge for Nursing Practice Assignment Paper


Copy your Week 15 Reflection paragraph and Paste into the “Original text” box.  Click on green “Generate”.

Save your Word Cloud generated by taking a screenshot.  There are a few ways to screenshot.  One way is on your computer keyboard, press the Windows Logo key + shift key + s key.    Paste the image under your written paragraph in the Word document.

Post and share your Word document in the Week 15 Reflection.

(sample of paragraph and word cloud on next page) Knowledge for Nursing Practice Assignment Paper



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