Lederman Thefall of the postural-structural-biomechanical


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1. What is the relationship of spinal curvature with the incidence of low back pain?

2. What is the relationship of awkward postures with the incidence of low back pain?

3. What is the relationship between standing, sitting, bending, and twisting with that of low back pain?

4. What is the relationship between heavy physical work with the incident of low back pain?

5. What is the relationship of hamstring or psoas tightness or inflexibility of the lower limb in general with that of low back pain?

6. What changes in your assessment would be affected by the results of this systematic review of systematic reviews? What information should drive your objective examination?

Also please answer the following questions from the required reading in the Lancet Series on Low Back Pain:

a. Under the Assessment for Back Pain or Sciatica, what strikes you as unique or is different from the way you initially thought medical assessment was performed?

b. If nothing strikes you as different in the question above, what do you feel are the main goals for:

checking “alternative diagnoses”?

identifying the associated “risks”?

when would it be important to make recommendations on imaging?

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