Linear Equation

A Linear Equation is a rule that assigns to each number x on the x-axis exactly one number y on the y – axis so that the ordered pairs (x,y) form a line. We call y the Dependent Variable and we call x the Independent Variable because the value assigned to y by the linear equation will depend on the value selected for x.

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Now consider this scenario: we can burn 4 calories by walking 100 steps. The linear equation modeling this scenario is C=0.04*S where C is the dependent variable and S is the independent variable. Here, C represents calories burned for some number of steps S walked.

You will create a new linear model that shows the amount of calories burned in a given day during some activity you choose, compensating for food intake. Produce a model with a reasonable rate of calorie burn for walking, running, or some other activity, and account for a daily calorie intake between 1200 and 3000 calories. Be sure to describe the detailed scenario for which your equation models. Conclude your post by rewording the following questions to fit your scenario:

1) How many calories have been burned after 1 typical session of activity?

2)How much activity does it take to burn all the calories eaten in one day?

For your peer responses, you will discuss each others linear model and answer your peer’s questions.

Here is a sample initial post :

Jumping jacks can burn about 480 calories per hour. Then, the linear equation modeling this is C = 480T where C is calories burned for T hours of this exercise. How many calories can we burn by doing this exercise for 3 hours? How long do we need to do this exercise to burn all the calories eaten in one day?

Search online to find out how many calories you can burn by doing the exercise of your choice. Then, write a problem similar to the above sample problem as your initial post.

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