Motivation for Learning and Becoming a Scholar-Practitioner


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This week, envision your future as a scholar-practitioner and discuss the personal transformations you foresee on this journey. An examination of your time management practices is a central feature of this process.
Here are some ideas for your post to get you started. Choose ONE topic option to respond to for the discussion this week. Remember to support your thoughts and findings with our required readings, activities, or research using APA format.
• Discuss your view of the scholar-practitioner model and where you see yourself along this continuum (a scholar, a practitioner, both, or something in between). What kinds of personal transformations do you envision for yourself?
• What surprised you most about your time management self-assessment? What are your secrets for successfully managing your time and lessons learned? How will efficient time management contribute to your development as a scholar-practitioner?
• What outside resource (image, video, article, research study, self-recording) best reflects your experience or interest in being a scholar-practitioner or your use of time management? Share the link within your post. Why did you pick this item to share?

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