Network Administration is a back bone of an organization


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Network Administration is a back bone of an organization and it is very important to ensures the smooth operation of the organization’s IT infrastructure, including servers, networks. And other IT resources. It also ensures that these systems are secure, reliable, and efficient.

When I placed or think myself as IT director, there are main responsibility that I should perform in the right way like oversee the entire IT department within an organization. This includes managing staffs, implementing and managing IT projects, ensuring data security, and setting and achieving strategic IT goals. In addition to this, I have to recruit and hiring the right workers. Therefore, here are the questions that I would like to ask the candidates to hire the network administrator.

Can you provide examples of how you managed and maintained a large-scale network infrastructure in the past?
How do you keep up-t0-date with the latest networking technologies and protocols?
Can you describe a situation where you had to troubleshoot a network issue and how you resolved it?
How do you ensure network security and protect against potential threats?
Can you share your experience in managing a team of network administrators or how do you plan to manage a team in the future?
In addition to IT and network skills, it is very important to ask the applicant about the following specific skills:

Communication skills: As a network administrator, he or she will need to communicate effectively with team members, clients, and other stakeholders.
The next one is problem solving skills: He will need to be able to identify and solve network issues quickly and efficiently.
The other skill is Time management which is very important to ask the candidate because of he will need to manage his time effectively to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner.
Giving attention to detail is also the other important skill that the network administrator should have. The network administrator must be able to pay close attention to detail to ensure that all aspects of the network are functioning properly.

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