NU-664B Week 13 Assignment 2: 3 Ps Predictor Exam—APEA

NU-664B Week 13 Assignment 2: 3 Ps Predictor Exam—APEA

NU-664B Week 13 Assignment 2: 3 Ps Predictor Exam—APEA

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3 Ps Predictor Exam—APEA

Predictor Exam

Like you did at the beginning of this course, you have the opportunity to complete an additional Diagnostic Readiness Exam for the 3P courses (Advanced Pathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, and Advanced Health Assessment).

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The exam will evaluate your readiness for the national certification exam related to the content covered within these classes. Completion of the exam will help you pinpoint areas of strength and areas needing further development for successful completion of the national certification exam. It is imperative that you put your full effort in taking this exam. By completing this additional 3Ps DRT in NU664B, you will have the opportunity to review your previously developed remediation plan and see the growth you have made this semester.

This exam requires the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. To find which browser you are using and if it is up to date, go to the About section on your browser’s Help page.

Be sure to use a strong internet connection; no satellite or hotspots.

If the exam freezes, log out and log back in immediately to re-establish the connection and resume the exam.

Only begin the exam when you are able to complete it in its entirety. Exams are timed and they cannot be paused.

If your exam is being proctored, please contact your faculty for instructions prior to testing.

All content in this exam is owned by APEA and protected by copyright. Right-click actions and using copy commands during the exam are PROHIBITED. After three violations, a University Testing Policy Violation report will be sent to you and your instructor. Touch screens and mobile devices are not compatible with testing. Consider using a handheld mouse or turning off right/secondary click to avoid accidental right clicks

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