NURS 6003 Module 3 | Part 3: Research Analysis Assignment

NURS 6003 Module 3 | Part 3: Research Analysis Assignment

NURS 6003 Module 3 | Part 3: Research Analysis Assignment

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Module 3 | Part 3: Research Analysis

I have identified one topic of interest for further study. I have researched and identified one peer-reviewed research article focused on this topic and have analyzed this article. The results of these efforts are shared below.

Directions: Complete Step 1 by using the table and subsequent space below identify and analyze the research article you have selected. Complete Step 2 by summarizing in 2-3 paragraphs the results of your analysis using the space identified.

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Step 1: Research Analysis
Complete the table below
Topic of Interest:
Research Article: Include full citation in APA format, as well as link or search details (such as DOI)
Professional Practice Use:
One or more professional practice uses of the theories/concepts presented in the article
Research Analysis Matrix
Add more rows if necessary Strengths of the Research Limitations of the Research Relevancy to Topic of Interest Notes
Step 2: Summary of Analysis
Craft a summary (2-3 paragraph) below that includes the following:
Describe your approach to identifying and analyzing peer-reviewed research
Identify at least two strategies that you would use that you found to be effective in finding peer-reviewed research
Identify at least one resource you intend to use in the future to find peer-reviewed research

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