NURS 6407 Practicum : Personal Learning Objectives Assignment

NURS 6407 Practicum : Personal Learning Objectives Assignment

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After completing my practicum hours, I should be able to:

  1.  Apply social learning theories to nursing education by incorporating relevant concepts and strategies into lesson planning and instructional delivery.
  2.  Demonstrate effective communication skills in a teaching environment by providing clear instructions, fostering open dialogue, and actively engaging with students.
  3. Utilize technology as a teaching tool to enhance the learning experience, ensuring that all educational materials are accessible and relevant to various student populations.
  4.  Evaluate student learning outcomes through the development and implementation of valid and reliable assessments, aligning with established educational objectives. NURS 6407 Practicum : Personal Learning Objectives Assignment


  5. Foster a positive and inclusive learning environment by promoting collaboration, respect, and cultural sensitivity among students and colleagues.
  6. Develop and implement a teaching strategy that integrates evidence-based practice into the curriculum, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and clinical reasoning.
  7.  Collaborate with fellow educators and healthcare professionals to stay updated on current industry trends and advancements, incorporating relevant information into teaching practices.
  8.  Assess and adapt teaching methods based on formative feedback from students, colleagues, and self-reflection to continuously improve the effectiveness of the educational process. NURS 6407 Practicum : Personal Learning Objectives Assignment

Action plan

  1. Schedule time for literature review and self-study on social learning theories, identifying key concepts applicable to nursing education.
  2.  Attend workshops on effective communication and technology integration in education, implementing learned strategies during teaching sessions.
  3. Collaborate with the institution’s IT department to ensure familiarity and proficiency with relevant educational technologies.
  4. Develop a comprehensive assessment plan, including pre-and post-tests, quizzes, and other assessment tools aligned with course objectives.
  5. Attend cultural competency training sessions and seek mentorship to enhance awareness and skills in creating an inclusive learning environment.
  6. Integrate evidence-based practice examples into lesson plans, seeking guidance from my preceptor, educators and clinical experts.
  7. Engage in regular meetings with colleagues and attend conferences to stay informed about emerging trends in nursing education.
  8. Establish a feedback loop with students, peers, and mentors to continually evaluate and adjust teaching methods. NURS 6407 Practicum : Personal Learning Objectives Assignment

List at least 6-10 objectives you would like to meet during your practicum experience. Make sure that your objectives are specific, measurable, clearly stated, and attainable. Each of your goals should begin with an action verb. At least one of your objectives should relate to the application of theory related to Nurse Educator MSN track. After completing your objectives, develop an action plan to help you meet the objectives. Write your objectives in the objectives template.

Here are a few examples (feel free to use or modify):

Develop an interactive presentation on fluid and electrolytes
Apply the concepts of transformational leadership to my practicum experiences
Attend a conference related to budget and financial management NURS 6407 Practicum : Personal Learning Objectives Assignment

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