NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

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NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3

Educational Technologies Comparison

The purpose of the present paper is to understand the strengths of each type of educational tool and determine in what situations one or the other will be more effective in order to increase the quality of information and services.

Mangers can from the compare to identify if and how the nurse educators will employ the improved technology to enhance their work in the coming future and alignment of the technology and the firms current nursing education strategy. This is the reason why the objective of this study will be focused on discussing the effectiveness of new technology in nursing education.

Comparing the Features, Capabilities, and Benefits of Similar Educational Technologies

For technology to improve the day-to-day work of nurses and practitioners, these professionals must first grasp how technology benefits them. Two of the used technologies at the hospital in helping the nurses to learn and train include Adobe Connect and GoToMeeting. Increasing the usage of e-learning tools is useful in enhancing the knowledge of children in school (Silva, 2019).

Adding these E-learning tools to the standard way of learning, which includes using computers and learning on them would be very important One of these online learning tools What is more, these tools are significant for learners and professionals in nursing that are in the process of enhancing their evidence-based practice. Adobe Connect is a web hosting territory meeting application which means that hospitals and business groups can effectively meet their training needs through regular video conference.

The tool has two tiers of meeting plans and annual charges. Thus, it can be stated that, unlike GoToMeeting, Adobe Connect does not offer a free tier for business (Sandelin, 2019). Both of these tools, GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect, offer paid alternatives that have additional characteristics like direct voice chat through Internet connection (VoIP) or an option to call in.

Both of the above mentioned tools give the users their own places for meetings and both of them have free mobile apps. If you look at the table above it quite evident that when you use Adobe Connect, teachers and students have more options compared to when they are using GoToMeeting.

These include votes, a whiteboard, and up to 100 screens among these. Thus, these are the primary differences between the tools. In the case of comparing the platforms and searching for the right one for the business, cost, convenience, and additional advantages usually make the list. These two are considered to be beneficial in the nurse education despite of the certain issues and limitations associated with them.

The Benefits and Limitations of Comparing Similar Educational Technologies

To summarise, it is important to make teaching and learning better by using and adopting the new and better d-learning methods and tools. The selected tool can be used to enhance group’s classes on information skill and it can be used to help others to compel people to attend these classes. And, of course, there are other bonuses for reviewing the best technology to facilitate the usage of what is offered by d-learning.

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These technology comparisons will assist the workers to be in a position to understand e-Learning hence enhancing the level of learning in the medical field. These tools may enhance such aspects as speaking, real presence, and getting knowledge. Students can learn with these technologies and comprehend how some problems are utilized with these technologies.

Applying technology also enables one to develop apparatus that may cause reduced school expenses and higher costly book acquisition. Gadgets such as e-books and e-meetings are innovations that assist low income earners. They also assist the nurses in keeping their parents financially off their back.

NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 Educational Technologies Comparison

While technology seems to have improved learning, it is also irritating. When the experts in technologies are employed to impart nursing, some people may not be reminded that nurses are allowed to use their phones and other gadgets the whole day including after the class (Silva et al. , 2019).

They can spend their precious time on face book and twitting and other accounts, reading tabloid material unhealthy for their neural development. While it is useful in many ways, tech also intervene with the interactions between teachers and student, and among students.

Teaching and Learning Educational Technology

While the two tools are somewhat useful for learning and collaborating online, comparing the two side by side will be helpful. However, GoTo Meeting as an application assists the company to effectively address its education and training needs than Adobe Connect. This we preferred to the other one because the product support is endless if GoTo Meeting is used.

For the same reason of having good product direction and is frequently used by American hospitals, the company can make use of GoTo Meeting. Among the modes of communication that are popular among the students and teachers of nursing, as identified by a survey conducted by Kowitlawakul, et al. , (2022), the most frequently used form of communication is talks and video meetings (84%). This is because they are the most beneficial for acquiring relative knowledge and information.

How a Selected Technology Can Be Incorporated Into a Specific Nursing Education Program

Probably one of the greatest advantages of videoconferencing is the ability of students from a particular course to work in groups or nurse in nursing schools. They can also apply GoTo Meeting in making their nursing lessons more fun and exciting for them. It means that there are options for the formation of pairs and group work, which maintain interest in studying among nursing students (Kerr 2020).

Since the nurse educators have a lot of duty, they can do it effectively if they enhance on how they teach by embracing GoTo Meeting technology since it directs you to the students in the classroom. This contributes towards establishing good connections and relations between school and employment statuses.

This digital technology will make the group more interesting; thus, kids will become more active and motivated in general. A literature review demonstrated the following technologies to be constructive in the training of nurses: for instant messages, video meetings, talks, research, and social meetings.

It explained that professionals can use this technology by logging into GoTo Meetings on all of their computers and allowing nurses bring it into their tablets, etc so that they can access it from anywhere. Students should be provided with an easy software guide that can make the classroom and everything outside it more engaging.

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