Nursing Professional Development Evidence-Based Practice Discussion

Nursing Professional Development Evidence-Based Practice Discussion

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Nurses are the first healthcare professionals to interact with patients in care delivery. Besides, nurses interact with the nurses daily, making it easy for them to notice any change in the health status of the patients. Also, nurses on the front line in care delivery implement interventions and determine their effectiveness. Therefore, nurses should cultivate a spirit of inquiry when solving clinical issues in patients (Brunt & Morris, 2023)Nursing Professional Development Evidence-Based Practice Discussion. Solving clinical patient issues gives room for identifying the challenges in practice, raising questions, and seeking innovative approaches that help solve problems. As a result, nurses have formulated healthcare practices that improve patient safety and outcomes. In this paper, I will delve into increasing educational interventions for depression screening in young African Americans to reduce the high risk of mortality, morbidity, hospitalization, and suicide. I will also consider Melnyk’s steps of change in implementing my project.


Increasing educational interventions for my peer group will involve mentoring and supporting the peer group, conducting online campaigns, collaborating with educational institutions, and creating a culturally sensitive approach (Brunt & Morris, 2023). Establishing mentoring and peer support programs for young African Americans will give them a platform to challenge, motivate, and support each other. Besides, conducting campaigns online using digital platforms will significantly help disseminate educational and campaign materials to reach a wider audience for mental health awareness and depression screening (Robinson et al., 2023). Collaborating with universities, colleges, churches, and educational institutions to develop screening initiatives into their activities will reach a relatively large number of the youth. As a result, suicide, death, and hospitalization cases of depression cases in young African Americans will be reduced. The creation of a culturally sensitive approach to African Americans will increase engagement and reduce the potential barriers to depression screening.

Using Melnyk’s seven steps for change in the implementation of my project, I will assess the need for change, cultivate a spirit of inquiry, search for the best evidence, and integrate the evidence with patient preferences and clinical expertise (Tucker et al., 2021)Nursing Professional Development Evidence-Based Practice Discussion. Assessing the need for change will involve the evaluation of the screening of depression cases in African Americans aged 18 to 25 years. Besides, creating a spirit of inquiry for young African Americans will delve into focusing on the influence of educational interventions conducted for depression screening. Besides, searching for the best evidence will involve conducting an extensive review to determine whether the previous interventions and evidence-based practices will reduce the high cases of depression. Lastly, I will integrate the young African Americans’ preferences and clinical expertise to develop a strategy for effective interventions.


Brunt, B. A., & Morris, M. M. (2023, March 4). Nursing professional development evidence-based practice – StatPearls – NCBI bookshelf. National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Robinson, W. L., Whipple, C. R., Keenan, K., Flack, C. E., & Wingate, L. (2022, May 9).            Suicide in African American adolescents: Understanding risk by studying resilience.  PubMed Central (PMC).

Tucker, S., McNett, M., Mazurek Melnyk, B., Hanrahan, K., Hunter, S. C., Kim, B., … &             Kitson, A. (2021). Implementation science: Application of evidence‐based practice     models to improve healthcare quality. Worldviews on Evidence‐Based Nursing, 18(2),      76-84. Nursing Professional Development Evidence-Based Practice Discussion

Framework for EBP steps

  1. Share your Spirit of Inquiry Clinical Journal questions and thoughts for a potential change project.
  2. Briefly summarize with the peer group your best thoughts at this point for a project going forward.
  1. Reflecting on Melnyk’s 7 steps for change as a generic model, present the steps you might consider in the implementation of the project in your final DNP semester.


Please see below my ( Spirit of Inquiry Clinical Journal questions and thoughts for a potential change project).

The clinical problem that has been identified for my DNP project is the high prevalence of major depressive disorder (MDD) among young populations. The study will aim at increasing educational interventions regarding depression screening for both male and female African Americans aged 18 to 25 in order to reduce the risk of suicide, morbidity, mortality, and hospitalization.

Based on my clinical problem mentioned above, Please cover the assignment instructions in question 2 and 3

Please read attached document (Worldviews Ev Based Nurs – 2021 – Tucker)

Thanks for your help.

Nursing Professional Development Evidence-Based Practice Discussion

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