Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper

Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper

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Use Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring to compose a paper that addresses the following:

1. Explain why you chose to watch this particular nursing theorist’s theory.
2. Describe the parts of your personal philosophy where you agree or disagree with this theorist.
3. Is there anything that surprised you about this nursing theory? If so, what surprised you?
4. Would you recommend this nursing theory to another student? If so, why would you recommend it?
5. What value did you receive from watching it?

Your paper should be 2–3 pages in length, in APA style, typed in Times New Roman with 12-point font, and double-spaced with 1″ margins. If outside sources are used, they must be cited appropriately. Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper


Nursing Theorist Reflection: Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson

Reason for selecting this nursing theorist

The selected nursing theorist’s model is the Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson. This theorist emphasizes the significant role of caring in nursing practice. Watson focuses on the role of human elements of caring (Aghaei et al., 2020). Her theory emphasizes moment-to-moment interactions between care recipients and care providers (Aghaei et al., 2020)Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper . Specifically, Watson addresses nurses’ caring activities as they interact with others, including their patients. I chose this Theory because I value caring in my personal life. Human beings can only do good to others by being compassionate and caring for them. Therefore, the Theory of Human Caring aligns with my beliefs regarding caring.

The connection between personal philosophy and this theorist

My personal philosophy for nursing perceives nursing as a profession that strives to care for others to meet their healthcare needs. As a nurse, I should focus on caring for my patients and providing holistic care. Effective nursing care is the backbone of positive patient outcomes (Poghosyan & Maier, 2022)Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper . Thus, providing holistic, compassionate, and high-quality patient care will improve individuals’ health status, enhancing their functioning capacity and well-being. Watson’s Theory presents caring as the center of an effective nursing practice. Thus, my nursing philosophy as a caring practice aligns with the theorist’s view concerning caring.

The surprising part of this nursing theory

The component of the video that is surprising about Watson’s Theory is that caring is an innate feeling in all humans. Thus, individuals should focus on caring for others to enhance their capability to do their best without discrimination. As a result, nurses should care for all their patients irrespective of their reputation in the community. For instance, an emergency department nurse should strive to care for a rapist presented to the department in a critical health condition, irrespective of his actions. Through care, the nurse would improve the rapist’s health, enabling him to perform activities of his daily life independently.

Furthermore, I was surprised by the claim that individuals are naturally caring. Watson believes all humans should focus on caring and supporting others to become their best versions. However, humans fail to demonstrate their caring nature in several incidents, especially when dealing with persons involved in a particular crime, such as rapists. Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper

Recommending the Human Caring Theory to another student

I recommend the Theory of Human Caring to another student. The theorist emphasizes the role of caring in enhancing nursing practice (Aghaei et al., 2022). Additionally, I believe that caring is the backbone of high-quality nursing care. Hence, nurses should be concerned about their patient’s healthcare needs and what matters to them and support them to meet their desired health goals by caring for them. Therefore, caring for a patient would enable the nursing student to achieve an individual’s mental, physical, and psychological positive health outcomes.

Benefits of watching the video

Watching the full theorist’s video was a learning experience. I learned that I should embrace caring in my personal and professional lives. In my personal life, I would care for others without discrimination, enabling them to realize the best versions of themselves. On the other hand, caring for my patients as a nurse would result in optimal patient outcomes. Additionally, I learned that nurses’ ability to care for their patients improves from one incident to another. Therefore, nurses should strive be involved in various acts of caring to create a culture of caring that would optimize patient health outcomes. Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper



Aghaei, M. H., Vanaki, Z., & Mohammadi, E. (2020). Watson’s human caring theory-based palliative care: a discussion paper. International Journal of Cancer Management13(6).

Poghosyan, L., & Maier, C. B. (2022). Advanced practice nurses globally: Responding to health challenges, improving outcomes. International journal of nursing studies132, 104262. Nursing Theorist Reflection Research Paper

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