Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment

Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment

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Title of Request


Need for Coping Skills Development Sessions
Description of Request  

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Please describe what is happening at present.

One of the factors that affects the healthcare professionals’ coping skills is the burnout syndrome. According to Azoulay and Lescale (2023), burnout syndrome refers to the chronic response to stress that employees experience in the workplace, resulting in emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion, causing a reduced sense of professional and personal fulfillment. Some prevailing factors contributing greatly to burnout syndrome include financial issues, conflicts with colleagues, ineffective communication, and work overload (Azoulay & Lescale, 2023). Healthcare management needs to implement meaningful initiatives to fight burnout syndrome because some healthcare providers tend to be more vulnerable, which may implicate overall patient safety and healthcare services. Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment

Please describe the circumstances leading up to this situation.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that by 2030, the global healthcare industry will have approximately 18 million fewer healthcare providers. Statistics from a survey conducted by the American Nurses Association indicate that approximately 62 percent of nurses in America experience burnout (American Nurses Association, 2023). The report also reveals that burnout is mainly experienced by younger nurses, particularly those under 25 years old, greatly influencing the overall healthcare experience for patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations. Apart from nurses, physicians in the United experience burnout rated at 37.9 percent, which has led to most physicians committing suicide.

What do you think the problem is?

The main issues associated with medical professionals, such as nurses’ and physicians’ burnout syndrome, are the healthcare providers’ ratio and the number of patients needing medical health attention. According to Kwame and Petrucka (2021), when the number of patients exceeds the number of medical professionals, the results will be poor healthcare since these providers cannot effectively meet the patient’s needs.



What should be done to correct the problem?

Since the current burnout syndrome among medical professionals is a global issue, healthcare organizations must formulate effective strategies to curb the issue. For instance, education intervention on coping mechanisms with the new development can enhance care optimization since nurses and other professionals can collaborate to enhance the patient experience (Ofei-Dodoo et al., 2020). However, despite integrating the educative initiative, the healthcare industry must also take the initiative to increase these medical professionals’ job security to increase their sense of belonging by increasing their wages.
Specific Request of Nursing Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment  Healthcare organizations are requested to implement education initiatives to enhance patient and healthcare provider satisfaction.
Your comments


Burnout syndrome is a common problem in the global healthcare industry. The statistics show that by 2030, the world will be experiencing approximately 18 million less healthcare providers. Hence, optimizing care through educating healthcare providers will help them cope with any issue that may result from those predictions

Responsibilities and Accountability

Coping Skills

SBAR, Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation, is an easy-to-recall solid communication technique for structuring any discussion, mainly crucial ones, requiring a clinician’s instant action and attention and be utilized to promote a culture of client safety (Hilda et al., 2018). The situation in this assignment is that many healthcare providers face many issues at work, leading to adverse effects on their health, career contentment, and personal lives. Some of these issues comprise high-stress levels because of long hours and demanding tasks. In addition, burnout is another issue and happens because of reduced sense of achievement, cynicism, and exhaustion. Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment

Furthermore, background entails how healthcare professionals commit themselves to caring for clients, risking their well-being. Further, a lack of a suitable support system and coping skills can develop a series of burnout and stress, affecting their performance and health (Bagheri et al., 2019). Thus, instilling coping skills is critical to avoid exhaustion.

Moreover, assessment encompasses how the frequency of these challenges underscores a vital demand for interposition. Notably, offering healthcare providers successful coping skills training and education can enhance stress management by teaching healthcare providers evidence-based techniques to manage emotional reactions and tasks. Also, education and training can decrease burnout, improve resilience, and foster a work-life balance that will improve satisfaction among healthcare professionals and patients (Abdirahman et al., 2018). Lastly, it can enhance client care because when nurses and other healthcare providers enhance their resilience and welfare, they offer excellent care and assistance to their clients.

Thus, creating and executing an educational scheme is necessary to facilitate healthcare professionals with critical coping skills. This educational scheme can comprise stress management and control methods such as time management schemes, successful communication skills, and mindfulness (Suleiman‐Martos et al., L2020). Further, perseverance training will assist in developing emotional intelligence and recognizing individual strengths. Lastly, work-life balance policies and plans will assist in sustaining healthy links, prioritizing individual needs, and placing limits. Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment



Abdirahman, H. I. H., Najeemdeen, I. S., Abidemi, B. T., & Ahmad, R. B. (2018). The relationship between job satisfaction, work-life balance and organizational commitment on employee performance. Academic Journal of Economic Studies4(3), 12-17.

Bagheri, T., Fatemi, M. J., Payandan, H., Skandari, A., & Momeni, M. (2019). The effects of stress-coping strategies and group cognitive-behavioral therapy on nurse burnout. Annals of burns and fire disasters32(3), 184.

Hilda, H., Setiadi, R., Wahyuni, E. P., Supriadi, S., Loriana, R., Rasmun, R., & Nurachmah, E. (2018). Strengthening patients safety culture through the implementation of SBAR communication method. Health Notions2(8), 856-861.

Suleiman‐Martos, N., Gomez‐Urquiza, J. L., Aguayo‐Estremera, R., Cañadas‐De La Fuente, G. A., De La Fuente‐Solana, E. I., & Albendín‐García, L. (2020). The effect of mindfulness training on burnout syndrome in nursing: a systematic review and meta‐analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing76(5

The last 5 years have been extremely trying for many careers that work in the medical field, including, Nursing and medical providers. Due to many factors including dealing with large death toll numbers from the covid pandemic. Many providers in the acute care hospital setting have struggled and continue to struggle with their ability to cope. Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment
Lack of coping skills can present in many ways:
Decreased ability to concentrate and follow timely instructions.
Overwhelmed by difficulties.
Inadequate skills in self-care such as personal hygiene, diet and physical activity
Lack of confidence in the ability to cope
Lack of support systems (family, spouse, friends)
Outside compounding stressors (relationships, deadlines, schedules)
Lack of sufficient coping behaviors

Many medical professionals continue to struggle with coping at work leading to difficulty in their home lives, quitting their professions, and even substance abuse. This SBAR sound clearly identify the need for an educational program to assist medical professionals with gaining or improving their coping skills to promote Patient And Healthcare Provider Satisfaction Assignment

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