Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

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For this final course assignment you will write a Personal Leadership Development Plan based upon class content, IDP, Leadership Interviews, RightPath, TKI, plus other reading and assignments. This is a summation of ALL of the course content, compiled into answering these questions:

What have I learned?
What will I do with what I have learned?
What do I need to do next to continue to grow in my leadership capacity?
Your development plan will be five to seven (5-7) MLA-formatted pages. The Works Cited page(s) are in addition to the five to seven (5-7) pages. Your development plan must be specific with dated goals set. See the rubric for further details.


Loritts, Crawford. Leadership as Identity: The Four Traits of Those Who Wield Lasting Influence. Moody,
2009. ISBN: 978-0802455277. [Loritts]
Scazzero, Peter. The Emotionally Healthy Leader: How Transforming Your Inner Life Will Deeply
Transform Your Church, Team, and the World. Zondervan, 2015. ASIN: 0310494575. [Scazzero] Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

The personal leadership development plan is a significant area that needs to be modeled for evaluating the most critical paths to take as a leader. This includes evaluating both strengths and struggles that a leader may encounter and ways of addressing these struggles. In addition, this plan brings into perspective the biblical context of leadership and how this religious background helps in coming up with high-level leaders. The paper evaluates the diverse areas of leadership and binds them together into a summarized leadership reflection, identification, and action through developmental goals.

Part 1- Reflection 

The course interactions bring about important personal and ministry lessons in my life. Through the course, there emerges an important aspect of personal leadership and of ministry which brings important perspective to the Christian faith. The leadership interview summation brings into light the approach of ministry leadership and their impact on society. For instance, the summation highlights the prominent leadership roles of modern religious leaders such as Joel Osteen, Beth Moore, and T.D. Jakes in ringing positive leadership lessons in the ministry. For example, Joel Osteen delves into the role of positivity and encouragement in everyday leadership. Through his gospel, Osteen focuses not only on imparting to others but also uplifting individuals and reflecting the love of God to humanity. Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

On the other hand, T.D. Jakes emerges as a bishop who believes that leaders should be aware of the needs of others and be ready to adjust their control. He underscores the significance of a responsive leadership style that highlights the changes taking place in modern society and the congregations. Additionally, the summation looks into the leadership roles of Beth Moore and her crucial role in Biblical teachings and improving women’s ministry. Moore finds the servant leadership style as the most appropriate and states that a great leader goes beyond authority and power. According to Moore, a true leader should be humble, genuine, and compassionate to those they are serving. The three modern leaders in the ministry are influential in showing the ideal model of leadership and how it can be implemented in modern society. These leaders also expressed challenges in ministry leadership and claimed that most issues can be overcome through inspiring and uplifting. Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

Through exploration of these three leaders, important lessons were learned including the need to depend on faith and humility. Through the words of Joel Osteen being a humble leader makes one know that it is not all about themselves but greatly about others. It is also critical to evaluate Moore’s sentiments that faith serves as the basement for all other leadership ambitions. It is also great to learn that when a leader trusts in God then they have a chance to navigate across life’s toughest moments. The summation further explored about resilience as an important trait in true leadership. For instance, the three leaders brought interesting and amazing stories regarding the way they overcame setbacks to become outstanding ministry leaders across the world.

According to the mission statement, there is a need to have a strong belief in the word of God. For instance, the book of Ephesians 2:10 emphasize the purpose of creation and the importance of God’s design and handiwork. The verse emerges as a strong motivation for the impacts of life and the way such a foundation in faith helps in building the mission statement. Several verses have also been identified that depict the love of God to his people. For instance, Psalms 138:8 states that God’s love endures forever and is a form of guidance and support to individuals. In addition, Psalm 143:8 observes the need to seek God and his guidance since he possesses unfailing love. Also, proverbs 3:5-6 urges Christians to trust in God with all their heart and acknowledge him by using all ways. The sentiments brought about by this mission statement platform bring a new approach to life and to enhancing my leadership abilities. Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion


Identifying the influential persons is a biblical motivation to leaders that delegation is the most important part of leading. The Bible brings to light the example of Jethro who was Moses’s father-in-law. Jethro turns out to be a useful person to the leadership of Moses. In Exodus 18:1-27 Jethro gave Moses vital advice by informing him about the need to delegate duties of judges in Israel. The character of Moses is brought out as a respectable man who respects the advice from Jethro and this becomes one of his greatest achievements in ensuring speedy judgment among warring groups. The story of Moses and Jethro is a perfect description of how great leaders should approach situations and how good advice can help transform difficult moments into memorable achievements. According to the mission statement evolution, a mentor is brought out as an influential person where solid ministry and social work are done. Crucial qualities that are admirable include compassion, commitment, and understanding in making quality of life. The life roles are adequately presented in this exploration paper and are based on Psalms 37:23-24 which writes about the Lord’s guidance to the steps and his delight even in situations where we stumble. Crucial life roles have been identified including street minister, hospital chaplain, leader in NGO, family member, and community advocate. An important part of the paper is the mission statement that highlights the contents of Mathew 28:18-20 and evaluates the common in making disciples across every nation and in teaching God’s commands. In addition, John 15:2, 8 and Colossians 3:12- 17 encourage people to have compassion, love, kindness and humility.

Part 2- Identification 

The outcomes from Path 4 and 6 reports bring important evaluations about my areas of strength and struggles. The reports help in reflecting on the strong areas of a leader and the weaker ones and define what should be done to make leadership an all-around thing. For instance, when it comes to controlling I am in the mid-range of directing-accommodating. This level means that I can serve as a leader and a follower with regard to situations. This is a true description and demonstrates my real abilities as a person since I readily respect other people’s views and also I can take charge when the need arises. Amazingly, the report presents me as a people-centered and democratic leader who can emerge popular. However, this level of leadership presents with some struggles including controlling, poor listening, being unassertive, and being passive. Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

Also, on the interaction level, I found out to be in mid-range which is reserved vs engaging. This demonstrates that it is good for me to have people get involved in some roles but also at times, I like being alone. This is a strong level that demonstrates that I am a serious, task-oriented, realistic, and enthusiastic leader. However, this comes with some struggles such as being withdrawn, shy, and pessimistic, talking too much, and seeking approval. I also possess a great level of balance in handling conflict and peace. This presents as a challenging-harmonious factor showing that I hold a great deal of dynamic and steady character. Some of the strengths I possess in this area include cooperating even in conflict, being objective, responding swiftly to situation, and being compassionate, and supportive. Additionally, there are struggles including being combative, impatient, discontent, compromising, and willing to confront. Lastly, when it comes to order and detail there is also a balance in the mid-range which is spontaneous-methodical. This means that at one point I may depict high levels of commitment and at other times I may struggle to be organized. This calls for using other individuals to get their assistance in getting organized. Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

The Path 6 profile report brings into light other crucial strengths and struggles with my leadership abilities. In factor one; there is a measure of dominance that scores at mid-range which shows I am comfortable when leading others. This is because this balance of compliant-dominant individuals finds it clear to adapting and in leading occasions and responds accordingly. However, this level comes with the struggle of not being able to adequately assess the situation correctly and this might lead to failure.

Extroversion was also measured and depicts that I value interacting with others as a priority. The extroversion scores are higher than introversion ones and this indicates that I enjoy the presence of others and groups and that I am comfortable working in groups. The struggles that come with this score are that at times a leader may turn out to be more dominant over all conversations and also optimistic. The compassion factor shows that I am a leader with great compassion and understanding. This is because I scored high in compassion compared to detachment. This is to mean that I am sensitive to others around me including their needs, emotions, and feelings. This is a natural factor since it encourages others to be more open when they realize that one is compassionate. However, this becomes critical at other times, and as a leader handling conflicts with this factor is challenging. The conscientiousness factor shows that I am more of an unstructured than a structured individual. This level has strengths in that it presents a leader who is able to excel in overcoming unexpected issues. Such leaders want newer situations which are important in improvising and becoming spontaneous. However, the score presents struggles including negative outcomes when the lack of structure is over relied upon. Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

Part 3-Action

The developmental goal for spirituality is to adapt to the path of reading the Bible and engaging in daily prayers. This is a crucial developmental goal that will help in getting committed to daily bible study and prayer and will effectively lead to a better understanding of God and his meaning in our lives. This will be supposed but the spiritual mentors in the church and at the community level. The goal will be achieved through having a plan of fasting and praying.

An important development goal in addressing character is overcoming self-doubt. As a leader, it is important to be confident in character and this can only be achieved when there is no self-doubt. This will be overcome by constantly being prepared for every occasion through studying and acquiring adequate training this is because self-doubt builds in when a person is ill-prepared. Training techniques will include using digital training platforms, visiting ministry leaders, and being ready to learn from others just as Moses learned from Jethro. Also, self-doubt will be overcome when I meet more often with people who will help eradicate the fear that comes with confirmation with people.

A crucial developmental goal in improving the relational aspect is to constantly train on communication skills. With superb communication skills, a leader will be able to overcome most obstacles and also be comfortable in resolving conflicts. Training communication skills will mean that a leader will need to be more listening in order to understand others. Also, I will ensure that I write things down for recording and reference. It will also be important to adequately use body language during communication and also be brief and direct to the point. This is because; failure to make these changes and improvements will mean that a leader will fail in this most noble duty. Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

An important developmental goal for the Ministry is having a more inclusive work environment. This is a crucial goal that aims to bring to light the need for the inclusion of others in the work of leadership. For instance, in the book Exodus Moses is seen getting advice from Jethro about how to include others in helping him serve people better. This is a critical goal that targets making others feel more appreciated and also ensuring service to followers is timely and of high quality. Some of the great ways of enhancing inclusion in leadership include believing in others and training them on some critical roles you want to perform. Make an action plan and also communicate to them about the gifts, strengths, and capacities that everyone holds. Further, it will be vital to understand that through inclusion a leader only becomes stronger and not weaker.

Personal Leadership Development Plan Rubric


Criteria   Ratings Pts

Opening paragraph introducing the focus of the paper, and the content that is provided

5 to >3.0 pts

Full Marks

  3 to >0 pts

No Marks

5 pts
Part 1 – Reflection

Part One contains the following elements:

–            2-3 pages in length

–            Describe and discuss the personal/ministry life lessons from the course interactions that need to be addressed in your life.

–            Integrate course texts, class lectures, assignments, and Scripture supporting the identified areas of improvement. In other words, what didthe Spirit use to bring these concerns to your attention?

25 pts

Full Marks

25 to >12.5 pts

Partial Marks

12.5 to >0 pts

No Marks

25 pts
Part 2 – Identification

Part Two contains the following elements:

–            1-2 pages in length

–            o Describe and define what your top 3 behavioral Strength and Struggle tendencies?o What evidence do you see of your strengths and struggle areas? o Which strengths to be leveraged for good and which struggles need to be addressed or marginalized?

o See RightPath 4/6 to respond

25 pts

Full Marks

25 to >12.5 pts

Partial Marks

12.5 to >0 pts

No Marks

25 pts
Part 3 – Action

Part Three contains the following elements:

– 2 pages in length

Identify one developmental goal for each of the following categories: Spiritual, Character, Relational and Ministry (include lessons learned from class assignments, readings, etc.)Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion.

25 to >24.0 p

Full Marks

ts 24 to >12.5 pts

Partial Marks

12.5 to >0 pts

No Marks

25 pts


Criteria   Ratings   Pts
o              Developmental goals are to be SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, related to mission, time bound)

o              All categories for each developmental goal are to be filled out in a way that is attainable over the next year.

o              Which resources/actions/steps/relationships will be used to accomplish stated goals? Explain in detail for each of the four statedgoals/categories.


The student adheres to all MLA requirements and displays good writing mechanics throughout the paper

20 to >19.0 pts

Full Marks

19 to >10.0 pts

Partial Marks

  10 to >0 pts

No Marks

20 pts
      Total Points: 100

Personal Leadership Development Plan Assignment Discussion

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