Philosophies And Theories For Advanced Nursing Practice Essay

Philosophies And Theories For Advanced Nursing Practice Essay

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Strategies for Academic Portfolios

The first strategy of choice is the integration of the concept of progress and advancement. Nursing is a wide profession that contains numerous opportunities that facilitate an individual’s practice, including learning of knowledge, setting goals, and making overall advancements. Specifically, as a registered nurse (RN), I can be able to outline my path towards obtaining a BSN, my work experience in the emergency room, and a dialysis clinic, advancement to the position of charge nurse, and ongoing improvement of skills through participation in the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program.  There are different opportunities for advancing my nursing expertise in the field of nursing. According to Butts & Rich (2021), nurses should consistently enhance their abilities, through advancing their proficiencies such as in patient evaluation, involvement in nursing research, and leadership in the field of nursing. Advancement and progress in any profession is essential, not only for acquiring personal knowledge, but also for maintaining the provision of quality patient care. Philosophies And Theories For Advanced Nursing Practice Essay


Integration of evidence-based practice into my professional development goals is the second key strategy of choice that focuses on demonstrating the competencies of a nurse. Examples of EBP practices in nursing include implementation of infection control measures, selection of smaller IV catheter sizes for blood administration, and provision of oxygen therapy to patients with COPD (Saunders et al., 2019). For example, in the recent Covid-19 pandemic, maintaining quality measures for infection control is beneficial. As a nurse, following the guidance of EBP for infection control involves certain activities that include wearing a mask, engaging in thorough handwashing before and after interacting with patients, correctly changing gloves and the use of face masks when practicing in critical units.

Through employing these strategies, my aim is expanding my area of expertise and raising the standard of care delivered to my patients. It is a commitment that remains and will remain significant throughout my career as a RN and extends to my future position as an APRN, and particularly the Family Nurse Practitioner. Walden University, an institution recognized due to its commitment towards promoting social change, expresses on its website, “Our founding principle will continue to guide us as we embrace new ways to learn and new ways to shape a better world” (Lindell et al., 2021). Walden University defines social change as a deliberate effort towards generating and executing ideas, strategies, and actions with an aim of improving the value, respect, and educational advancement of individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, cultures, and societies. Philosophies And Theories For Advanced Nursing Practice Essay The end result of positive social change is improvement of human and social circumstances. The definition further provides a thorough and socially beneficial framework for multiple programs, research initiatives, professional goals, and products created by the Walden academic community (Lindell et al., 2021). Furthermore, Walden University strives to promote advantageous changes in the society through nurturing people who possess strong principles, extensive knowledge, and ethical values. As such, these individuals serve as outstanding examples in both their social lives and professional roles, hence contributing to the progress of societal welfare. By aligning my professional growth, development, and evidence-based care practices with the focus on social change at Walden, I can actively contribute to shaping a better world as I strive to become a FNP. Philosophies And Theories For Advanced Nursing Practice Essay


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