Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion

Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion

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Discussion, you will review and reflect on the Postpartum Hemorrhage Case 04. Review the video case study where Michelle, the clinical nurse specialist (CNS), gathers the team together to discuss the timeline and strategies for implementing the practice change. The educator, staff nurse, and pharmacist will contribute to the project’s success as they have all accepted responsibility for crucial steps that need to be executed during implementation. Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion


After reviewing and reflecting, answer the following questions.

Which steps have the team identified that will be crucial to successful project implementation?
Do you feel there are enough people to address any questions or concerns the staff may have adequately? If you are not comfortable with the existing plan, what would you suggest the team do to improve their plan?
Which components need additional planning, and what details would you include?
Michelle, the clinical nurse specialist (CNS), has not specifically mentioned an evidence-based practice (EBP) model that her institution uses. Based on the videos you have viewed so far, which model might work well for this implementation and why?
To protect the rights and welfare of human participants, all research studies must go through a review by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or the Clinical Investigation Committee (CIC). It is the responsibility of this body to approve, disapprove, monitor, and require modifications in all research activities that fall within its authority, and both federal regulations and institutional policy govern its authority. How do you feel about submitting a proposal to the IRB for EBP projects whose recommendations are based on evidence? Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion

For each Discussion, you must create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts to your colleagues’ initial postings.

For your initial post, do the following:

Write a post of at least 250 words.

Discussion Post_1

Crucial Steps for Successful Project Implementation

The team has identified several crucial steps for the successful implementation of the project. These include: Education of Nurses whereby the team recognizes the importance of educating all nurses on the new protocol. They plan to present at the staff meeting and provide additional on-the-floor training for those who cannot attend. This ensures that every nurse is aware and trained to implement the changes.

Smart Pump Programming is offered to everyone on the field. Given that the new practice involves using smart pumps for administering medication, the team acknowledges the need for correct programming (Hadaway, 2016)Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion. This includes programming the pumps to deliver both bolus and infusion in one step instead of the usual two. This is crucial for patient safety and to ease the workload on nurses.

A detailed education plan for the rest of the staff is emphasized. This includes planning on how to demonstrate step-by-step the implementation of the new Pitocin orders and the proper use of the smart pumps at the bedside. Monitoring and Answering Staff Questions: The team acknowledges the need for ongoing support during the pilot. They designate an expert, Christina, to answer staff questions during the pilot phase, facilitating smoother adoption of the new practice.

Addressing Questions and Concerns

Even though the team has assigned a specialist to respond to staff inquiries throughout the pilot, it’s very critical to determine whether this is adequate. Setting up a feedback system where employees can readily voice any issues or questions could be helpful. In order to promote an environment of open communication and ongoing development, think about holding frequent check-ins or holding public forums where employees may share their opinions about the new procedure. Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion

Additional Planning and Details

One component that might need additional planning is how to assess the effectiveness of the procedure. Developing clear metrics and indicators to measure the success of the practice change will be crucial. Regular feedback sessions with the staff and physicians can provide valuable insights for refining the implementation process.

Choosing an Evidence-Based Practice Model

Although Michelle, the CNS, hasn’t explicitly mentioned the EBP model, the team’s approach aligns with the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) model. This model is legal, allowing for continuous improvement through cycles of planning, implementing, studying outcomes, and making adjustments (Charles, 2022). Given the dynamic nature of healthcare, the PDSA model’s flexibility would be beneficial for adapting to any unforeseen challenges during implementation.

Submitting a Proposal to the IRB

Submitting a proposal to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for EBP projects based on evidence is a responsible and ethical practice. It ensures that any changes in clinical practices are thoroughly vetted for safety, efficacy, and adherence to ethical standards. It reflects a commitment to protecting the rights and welfare of patients, aligning with the principles of evidence-based and ethical healthcare (Charles, 2022)Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion.



Charles, D. (2022). Facilitating the implementation of evidence- based practice through contextual support and nursing leadership. PubMed Central (PMC).

Hadaway, L. (2016). Practical considerations in administering intravenous medications. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 38(2), 119-124.  Planning To Implement A Change Based On Evidence Based Practice Discussion

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