Professional Role of The DNP Essay

Professional Role of The DNP Essay

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NOTE: below are crucial points. Your guidance and professional writing should be able to make adjustment.
Professional Statement: My passion and goal in life is to help people who are suffering and lost hope. The writer view himself as God’s “vessel” to be used for His glory to reach others. As God’s vessel, the writer needs to obtain knowledge and skills to be able to attend to patients’ healthcare needs and improve quality of their lives and provide support to their families. The writer is very motivated to advance skills and knowledge in DNP role to meet the demand of current healthcare challenges, perform duties that will improve patients’ well-being and e healthcare in community.  Professional Role of The DNP Essay As technology continue to advance, preparation at DNP level exposes the writer to gain knowledge and skills that are evidence-based for best patients’ outcome. In this role, the DNP prepared nurse has ability and capable of initiating and implementing evidence-based projects that are beneficial for the community as whole. Professional Role of The DNP Essay


The Professional Statement Assignment provides you the opportunity to formulate and articulate the professional role of the DNP. It is very concise to help you focus on the most pertinent information as you articulate your professional goals and practice. Professional Statement Introduction: Formulate one concise paragraph that describes your upcoming professional role as a DNP prepared nurse. Implications for Health: Formulate one concise paragraph that describes how preparation at the doctoral level will impact the health and/or outcomes of the population you serve.  Professional Role of The DNP Essay INSTRUCTIONS ï‚· Professional Statement limited to 1 page. ï‚· Includes Title and Reference pages (not included in page number limit). ï‚· Use current APA format and guidelines for graduate level APA papers. ï‚· Correct spelling, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure are used. ï‚· Minimum of two scholarly references used. ï‚· Do not use first person. You may use “this writer”. Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool Professional Role of The DNP Essay

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