PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

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PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

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Capella University

PSYC FPX 2800 Introduction to Human Sexuality

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In the United States, over 50% of pregnancies are unintended, leading to significant challenges for individuals, particularly young adults who may lack financial stability or educational opportunities (Kelly, 2014). These unplanned pregnancies often strain relationships and lead to emotional distress. While various options exist for managing unintended pregnancies, societal acceptance of certain choices remains contentious.

Accidental Pregnancy

Modern contraception offers a range of options for both men and women, including medical procedures, birth control pills, condoms, and abstinence (CDC, 2017). When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, individuals can choose to raise the child alone or with the partner, seek support from family members, terminate the pregnancy, or opt for adoption (Kelly, 2014). However, societal norms may influence these decisions, particularly regarding abortion.

Stigma around Abortion

Understanding the historical context of abortion in the United States is crucial. While abortion has been practiced for centuries, it was stigmatized in recent times (National Abortion Federation, 2018). Prior to its legalization, unsafe procedures led to significant health risks for women. The landmark Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 legalized abortion under certain conditions, yet subsequent legal battles and restrictions have perpetuated a social stigma against women seeking abortion (National Abortion Federation, 2018). This stigma can strain relationships and contribute to acts of violence against women.

PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

The Instinct Theory of Motivation, proposed by McDougall, suggests that humans possess innate biological tendencies, including maternal instinct (Cherry, 2018). However, societal expectations surrounding motherhood may conflict with individual desires, leading some women to seek abortion.

The Dialogical Approach

The Dialogical Self Theory, introduced by Hermans, posits that individuals perceive themselves in various roles within different social contexts (Marston, Renedo, & Nyaaba, 2017). This approach helps elucidate how cultural norms and personal experiences influence individuals’ reproductive decisions.

Case Study

Examining the case of Millie and Max through the lenses of instinct theory and dialogical approach reveals complex dynamics. While Max opposes abortion, Millie prioritizes her education and personal goals. Their differing perspectives underscore the need for comprehensive counseling to navigate their decision-making process.

Ethical Standards

Psychologists and counselors play a crucial role in supporting individuals facing reproductive decisions. Ethical guidelines, such as those outlined in the APA’s Code of Conduct, emphasize the importance of providing nonjudgmental support and respecting clients’ autonomy (APA, 2018).


Max and Millie’s case exemplifies the challenges surrounding unintended pregnancies and abortion decisions. Counseling interventions that foster empathy and understanding can facilitate informed decision-making and mitigate the impact of societal stigma.


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PSYC FPX 2800 Assessment 3 Contemporary Issues

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