Quantitative And Qualitative Research Assignment Discussion

Quantitative And Qualitative Research Assignment Discussion

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Module 3 Discussion Case Scenario

What are YOUR thoughts on the value quantitative versus qualitative research brings to a body of evidence?

Both quantitative and qualitative research are essential towards offering clinical scientific evidence, within the concept of healthcare. Through quantitative research, activities such as data analysis, as well as analysis of numerical data are conducted, thereby proving a structured and measurable aspect of the phenomenon being investigated (Ahmad et al., 2019). As such, quantitative research forms the basis for EBP recommendations. Qualitative research on the other hand is a research type that makes use of human experiences in the form of contexts and narratives, thereby providing insights pertaining the complexities of social phenomena that might not be easily captured through quantitative research (Lefèvre et al., 2019)Quantitative And Qualitative Research Assignment Discussion. As such, qualitative research facilitate an in-depth understanding of peoples’ perspectives as well as their subjective experiences, hence indicating the extent at which the phenomenon being addressed has occurred.


What brought you to that thought?

In my opinion, the value of each approach depends on an individual’s understanding that combining both methods can impact in a broad understanding of complex matters. For example, combining the two approaches can aid in understanding the influence of opioid-addicted parents on the perspective of their children towards drug use. According to Richards et al (2019) the application of a mixed-methods approach, which combines quantitative and qualitative findings, researchers can conduct a more comprehensive as well as diverse research on the topic of interest. Quantitative And Qualitative Research Assignment Discussion

How might you handle this situation?

I will handle the situation through encouraging them to give it their maximum effort in order to demonstrate their selection of the appropriate research study. As for my opinion, Qualitative research is an excellent option since its focus is on the first-hand information and experiences rather than relying on information from secondary sources such as written documents and articles (Richards et al., 2019). The main objective is achieving an in-depth understanding through accurate reporting as well as direct citations of real events. Another other objective is to also learn how the participants derive significance from their environment, and how this significance affect the actions they do. Quantitative And Qualitative Research Assignment Discussion


Ahmad, S., Wasim, S., Irfan, S., Gogoi, S., Srivastava, A., & Farheen, Z. (2019). Qualitative v/s. quantitative research-A summarized review. population1(2). DOI: 10.18410/jebmh/2019/587

Lefèvre, H., Moro, M. R., & Lachal, J. (2019). Research in adolescent healthcare: The value of qualitative methods. Archives de Pédiatrie26(7), 426-430.

Richards, D. A., Bazeley, P., Borglin, G., Craig, P., Emsley, R., Frost, J., … & O’Cathain, A. (2019). Integrating quantitative and qualitative data and findings when undertaking randomized controlled trials. BMJ open9(11). doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-032081 Quantitative And Qualitative Research Assignment Discussion

Scenario: DeShawn and his community health nursing team are part of a community collaborative taking an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to addressing the opioid crisis in the community. DeShawn and his team are curious about an opioid-addicted parent’s impact on children’s perceptions of drug use. They decide they are going to do an EBP project to explore the literature around this topic, hoping to see if the literature identifies best practices for addressing this issue. They create a PICOT question, use the keywords identified from their PICOT to search multiple electronic databases, and secure articles on the topic. They’re now ready to begin critically appraising their articles. They begin by determining what types of articles they have so they can choose the correct critical appraisal tool. As they do so, they realize the bulk of the literature they’re finding are qualitative studies. DeShawn and two of his team members are getting ready to start critically appraising their body of evidence. They overhear other team members talking about how “weak” DeShawn’s team’s body of evidence is since it’s mostly made up of qualitative studies.


-What are YOUR thoughts on the value quantitative versus qualitative research brings to a body of evidence?
-What brought you to that thought?
-How might you handle this situation?

For each Discussion, you must create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts to your colleagues’ initial postings.

For your initial post, do the following:

Write a post of at least 250 words. Quantitative And Qualitative Research Assignment Discussion

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