Social Determinant Of Health In The Female Population Discussion

Social Determinant Of Health In The Female Population Discussion

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Hi, I completely concur with your viewpoint regarding the importance of taking social determinants of health into account when creating patient treatment plans. Taking a holistic approach is unquestionably important, as it encompasses factors other than just the immediate medical concerns that affect an individual’s well-being (Islam, 2019)Social Determinant Of Health In The Female Population Discussion. The circumstances you have depicted in Washington County are challenging especially considering the lack of public transportation, healthcare access restrictions, and economic inequality. Your understanding of the difficulties that patients with disabilities face when trying to get around highlights the intricate web of problems that healthcare professionals have to deal with in these communities.


I agree with your suggested approach, which calls for provider collaboration to address these issues collectively. It is admirable that you see the opportunity to collaborate with providers committed to enhancing healthcare access in your community and see the possibility for positive change. It is a deliberate and calculated approach to place such emphasis on researching the social determinants of health for your particular community and addressing them methodically (Schuiling & Likis, 2022). Your recognition of substance abuse as a serious problem and your willingness to help find a solution show that you have a thorough awareness of how interrelated health issues are. It is true that substance abuse is a widespread problem, particularly among women, and it is commendable that you are willing to actively participate in finding solutions, very recommendable (Islam, 2019)Social Determinant Of Health In The Female Population Discussion.

Even though you are aware of the challenges, your determination to improve your community shows a remarkable commitment to the fundamental values of healthcare: giving care and supporting others. Yes, in fact, positive changes can be started and maintained over time by dedicated individuals like yourself (American Academy of Physician Assistants, 2013)Social Determinant Of Health In The Female Population Discussion. In conclusion, your careful examination of the social determinants of health, your suggested cooperative strategy, and your dedication to tackling particular issues in your community is not only praiseworthy but also necessary to promote real gains in healthcare results. I hope your efforts to implement constructive changes in Washington County are successful.

Respond to your colleagues’ posts and provide additional insight to your colleagues related to issues and topics they may want to also consider. Use the Learning Resources and/or the best available evidence from current literature to support your explanation.

 Discussion Post to respond to:

 Social Determinant of Health in the Female Population

As healthcare providers, there are many factors to consider when developing a treatment plan for a patient. We have to take the big picture into consideration when developing treatment plans. Social determinants of health are composed of five different areas. Those areas are, education access and quality, economic stability, neighborhood and built environment, social and community context and healthcare access and quality. Each of the components is equally important and must be considered when developing treatment plans for a patient.

I currently live in a rural community in the Panhandle of Florida. Washington county has a population of roughly 25,000. According to the (Florida Department of Health; Health Equity Plan 2022)Social Determinant Of Health In The Female Population Discussion, in 2020, the median household income for Washington County was $44,700, which was lower that the Florida average of $61,700. Washington County was categorized as a high poverty area. Knowing this, developing a plan of care for female patients in this population may have to be altered based on income level and access to healthcare. The study goes on to say that Washington County residents with at least one disability were significantly more likely to be delayed in receiving medical care due to transportation issues than residents without a disability. There is currently no public transportation system in Washington County. This can be very challenging as a provider to be able to provide adequate care to patients that may not have the ability to transport to and from appointments.


The ones that are most affected by these issues in our county are the patients themselves. They do not have the income many times or access to transportation to seek out and receive the care that they most desperately need. Thinking about becoming a provider, I think about the changes that I could propose that might make a difference in my community. Although I am only one person, I do feel that developing a plan as a group with other providers might be the best course of action. There are many young providers in my community that have the same heart to want to see changes made in access to care in our community. I believe that collaborating with these providers might be the first step to change. Each area needs to be studied on the social determinants of health for our community and those areas need to be addressed one by one. Substance abuse is a major area of concern in our community as well and I would really like to be able to help in some way with this problem. Substance abuse in the female population is also a large problem in our area. Many times, patients self medicate for either depression, anxiety or pain with illegal substances. I know that substance abuse is a nationwide problem that so many of us see every day and I know that this is an area that we would all like to be a part of helping to resolve. After all, this is why we are all in the healthcare industry, to provide care and help others.

So, I believe that looking over the social determinants of health has been beneficial because it has given me the ability to understand more of the issues plaguing my community. I know that this may be an uphill battle for my entire career, but I would really like to be a part of change for my community with all of the issues that we face.

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 Social Determinant Of Health In The Female Population Discussion

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