(Solution) NR447 Week 1 Collaboration Café: How Do You Lead?

Step 1:  Reflect on your experiences within and outside the healthcare setting and consider how you have exhibited leadership in a formal or informal capacity.

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Step 2: Answer all questions below with explanations and details. No scholarly sources are required.

  • Paragraph one: Examine your personal guiding principles and beliefs. Which ones do you think have influenced your approach to leadership?
  • Paragraph two: Reflect on your personal or professional leadership experiences. How do you feel your personal or professional background has shaped or influenced your ability to lead?
  • Paragraph three: Reflect on instances when your professional nursing values (i.e., quality care, family presence, compassion, etc.) or specific ethical principles (i.e., autonomy, justice, beneficence, nonmaleficence) guided your actions as a formal or informal leader. How did adhering to these principles impact your experience and the experience of others?


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Reflecting on experiences both within and outside healthcare settings, I’ve had opportunities to exhibit leadership in various formal and informal capacities. Within healthcare settings, during clinical rotations as a nursing student, I often found myself taking on leadership roles in patient care situations. Whether in formal leadership positions or informally as a team member, I prioritized effective communication…….Please click the icon below to access entire solution at $5  

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