(Solution) NR716 Week 7: Discussion | Appraising Systematic Reviews



Using the practice problem, you selected in NR715 or NR716, continue your search and appraisal of evidence by analyzing one systematic review research study. This research study should not be one that was used in NR715. Address the following in the discussion:

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  1. Appraise the systematic review research study using the Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool. Transfer your findings to the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool.
  2. Analyze the evidence summary tool of the research study to address the following in the discussion:
    1. Determine whether the research design selected by the researchers—systematic review, systematic review with meta-analysis, or meta-synthesis —answers their stated research question. Explain your rationale.
    2. Based on information in the published study, explain if the researcher’s search was comprehensible and reproducible.
    3. Based on the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool, determine if there is an evidence-based intervention in your appraised systematic review you might consider for translation to patients in your practice for your future practice change project. Explain your rationale.
    4. Based on the Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool, determine if you would use this systematic review research study as support for the analysis of your selected practice problem. Explain your rationale.

Attach your completed Johns Hopkins Individual Evidence Summary Tool and permalink to the selected research study. 

Please click on the following link to review the DNP Discussion Guidelines on the Student Resource Center program page:

  • Link (webpage): 


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