Strategies For Academic Portfolios Assignment Paper

Strategies For Academic Portfolios Assignment Paper

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Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments into your professional development goals. Then, explain how those goals may align with the University ’s emphasis on social change. Be specific and provide examples.

The term professional portfolio is well be defined as a compilation of materials that describe in details a person’s area of expertise, their skills and their competencies, thereby influencing their professional growth. It is usually a comprehensive but detailed overview of the areas that one can best perform, and may include teaching and nursing among others. They best define a potential employee. Portfolios serve multiple purposes in the field of nursing, including offering support to career progression, facilitating application of jobs, facilitating yearly performance evaluations and enhancing the documentation of continuous competence (Camacho-Morles et al., 2021)Strategies For Academic Portfolios Assignment Paper. The aim of this paper is to examine the various strategies for the inclusion of academic activities as well as accomplishments into a professional portfolio.


The main purpose and objective of a professional portfolio determines the best method for including accomplishments and academic activities into a professional portfolio. For instance, if the motive for the portfolio is personal growth as well as professional progression, one is recommended to only include activities related to their expertise areas. It is a strategy that prioritizes an individual’s presentation of different aspects in their professional work with an inclusion of the profession’s philosophy as well as practical experience. This approach helps nurses to utilize their educational achievements and goals towards examining their progress into personal and professional goals (Zamora-Polo & Sánchez-Martín, 2019). The second strategy is based on whether the portfolio is aimed to present excellent work or as an assessment profile for other people to review. The activities revolving around this strategy require actual evidence for one’s competencies and expertise area which are then assessed by external entities (Camacho-Morles et al., 2021)Strategies For Academic Portfolios Assignment Paper. The various activities implemented by the aid of this strategy can be acquired from the growth and development portfolio.

The aim of the Walden University is to impact social change through increasing influence over global practices. I am confident that including one’s areas of expertise as well as sharing the acquired knowledge with colleagues can potentially contribute to its mission of promoting advancements towards professional and personal growth. Secondly, the aim of the portfolio which is to either show one’s excellence in their expertise or establish a quality profile, which aligns with Walden’s mission of providing competent individuals who provide utmost quality services to the community members (Zepeda, 2019)Strategies For Academic Portfolios Assignment Paper. As such, I am optimistic about my contribution in this progressive process of transformation through advancing my knowledge and skills to higher educational levels.


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