Studies in Health Technology And Informatics Assignment Paper

Studies in Health Technology And Informatics Assignment Paper

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Initial discussion post

Informatics and technology are fields that promote transformation in healthcare policies and procedures. As healthcare professionals, we are aware of the apprehension that change can bring and the potential disruption it may cause to our established routines. Nevertheless, it is crucial for nurses to stay informed about the technological advancements at their disposal for problem-solving. Ultimately, technology propels us forward and aids us in providing care to our patients. Studies in Health Technology And Informatics Assignment Paper


One way I could apply informatics in my workplace is by monitoring the duration of our Cath Lab procedures. Our Cath Lab has been facing challenges with starting cases on time, which ultimately causes delays and disrupts the timely care of our patients. To pinpoint the reasons behind these late starts, we can keep track of the codes entered by the nurses in the electronic medical record (EMR). We can specify various reasons for the delayed starts, such as the attending physician being late, unsigned consents, patients arriving late, unprepared rooms, patients using the restroom, awaiting orders, etc. By monitoring these different codes for delays, we can address each individually and implement policy changes to prevent unnecessary delays. Our team must act and analyze the data promptly because the staff and patients are becoming frustrated with our current situation. Thankfully, while it may take years to explore large-scale data collection, a smaller-scale group can be interpreted and incorporated into new guidelines and protocols in a shorter period, facilitating a quicker transition. (Nagle, 2017). Studies in Health Technology And Informatics Assignment Paper

With the assistance of the information we have gathered, our nurse leaders can convene and address the issues that arise in each nursing unit and/or with each physician. Subsequently, they will implement policies that require physicians to arrive at least ten minutes before the scheduled start time for a case. They can determine that the planned surgical times are not effectively communicated to the physicians and find a solution to rectify this problem. By utilizing our data, we can ascertain the frequency at which certain physicians are tardy and identify those who consistently arrive punctually, allowing us to focus on the appropriate individuals. Moreover, to support our pre-op staff, our leaders can establish a protocol that provides standing orders for nurses to follow in the event that a physician neglects to submit pre-op orders. Additionally, they will be able to identify which nurses need to be more prepared for a bedside shift report, which can contribute to delays in the commencement of surgery.

Gathering the essential information using our EMR is the initial stage in delivering prompt healthcare to patients. As our leaders and nurses discuss the data collected, a solid knowledge base is established, disseminating knowledge to others within the unit. The sharing of information and feedback enables our staff to implement the necessary adjustments to ensure the efficient functioning of our department. (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2017, pp. 7-9). Studies in Health Technology And Informatics Assignment Paper



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Discussion Response: Informatics and Technology

Hello. Thank you for this comprehensive discussion. I completely agree with the significance of integrating informatics into healthcare practices, especially in addressing operational challenges like delayed procedures in the Cath Lab. Your approach of utilizing the EMR to monitor and categorize the reasons for late starts is practical and data-driven, enabling a targeted and effective response. Implementing policy changes based on the analysis of these codes reflects a proactive approach to problem-solving. It’s noteworthy how your proposed solution involves not just identifying the issues but also holding discussions among nurse leaders to implement policies, such as requiring physicians to arrive earlier. This collaborative and data-driven decision-making process aligns with the transformative potential of informatics in healthcare (Chiu et al., 2021). Additionally, the emphasis on sharing knowledge and feedback within the unit demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and the efficient functioning of the department, reflecting the broader positive impact of technology on healthcare delivery. Studies in Health Technology And Informatics Assignment Paper

Your strategy to establish protocols for nurses and physicians based on the data collected is commendable. Leveraging information gathered through the EMR, your team can address the current challenges, anticipate and prevent future issues. The proposed standing orders for nurses in case of missing pre-op orders and identifying areas of improvement in communication contribute to a more streamlined and patient-centric workflow (Noviyanti et al., 2021). As mentioned, the quick turnaround from data collection to policy implementation showcases the agility technology can bring to healthcare decision-making processes. Studies in Health Technology And Informatics Assignment Paper



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