Telemedicine Healthcare Technology Discussion Paper

Telemedicine Healthcare Technology Discussion Paper

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Hi, I concur that telemedicine has become more popular, particularly in the period following the COVID-19 outbreak. The fact that Forbes reported in 2022 that its utilization had increased significantly from 0.1% to 43.5% illustrates the expanding significance of this healthcare technology. In neurology, when time is of the essence, telemedicine has shown to be especially helpful. For example, having rapid access to a neurologist can significantly improve outcomes in stroke examinations (Aquino et al., 2022)Telemedicine Healthcare Technology Discussion Paper.


As you correctly noted, there are difficulties with using telehealth to complete stroke examinations. The strength component is one crucial element of the exam that could be jeopardized in a virtual environment. Subjectivity and possible errors are introduced when the patient’s strength assessment depends on the bedside nurse or another healthcare professional’s opinion (Olszewski et al., 2022)Telemedicine Healthcare Technology Discussion Paper. Although telemedicine is convenient and accessible, it is important to recognize the limitations of its ability to replicate a typical clinical evaluation.

It is enlightening to hear about the possible advantages and disadvantages of data security, law, and patient care. One legitimate problem that telemedicine effectively solves is the shortage of neurologists, which forces patients to travel great distances for care (Olszewski et al., 2022). Patients are guaranteed prompt care when they have unimpeded access to a neurologist, and cooperation amongst healthcare providers in deciding on the best course of action for treatment is improved by the capacity to interact and share information. Nonetheless, it is reasonable to express caution regarding telemedicine’s limited capacity to do a comprehensive clinical evaluation, especially when identifying subtleties like unilateral weakness or sudden visual loss. Inaccurate decisions about interventions, such as giving or not giving alteplase, may result from misinterpreting evaluation components during a neuro examination (Aquino et al., 2022)Telemedicine Healthcare Technology Discussion Paper. It is imperative to contemplate alternate approaches to tackle these issues, possibly by including supplementary technologies or processes to augment the precision of the virtual evaluation.

In conclusion, even if telemedicine has many benefits, it is imperative to overcome its shortcomings when it comes to accurately reproducing thorough clinical assessments. It will be crucial to look at improvements and make sure that patient care is provided holistically. As previously mentioned, the beneficial effects of various healthcare technologies on nursing practices signify continuous advancements in patient care.


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