The Impact Of The Nurse Educator Role On Organizational Discussion

The Impact Of The Nurse Educator Role On Organizational Discussion

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What is the impact of the nurse educator role on organizational effectiveness? Identify one area in your practicum setting/organization that needs improvement. Choose a theory or change model with which you have experience. Applying the identified theory/change model, propose a change and describe the organizational impact in your practicum setting. The Impact Of The Nurse Educator Role On Organizational Discussion

Critical Care Educator in the Setting

Nurse educators are shaping the future of patient care by teaching, sharing knowledge, and inspiring the next wave of nurses. Without them, newly hired nurses wouldn’t be equipped to deal with the dynamic demands of the contemporary healthcare system (Global Health, 2023)The Impact Of The Nurse Educator Role On Organizational Discussion. The best nurse educators take the time to get to know their students and colleagues on a personal level. Many nurse educators go on to instruct and coach future nurses throughout their nursing careers after graduating, assisting them in adjusting to real-world circumstances.


The Impact of the Nurse Educator Role on Organizational Effectiveness

A nurse educator is a supporter of nurses who is passionate about teaching and does not restrict their profession to patient care. Aspiring nurses receive guidance and instruction from them, which may include training in both theoretical and practical contexts. For nurse educators, a master’s or doctoral degree is necessary. In addition to working in hospitals or clinical settings, where they keep nurses informed about the most recent requirements in patient care and healthcare, they are frequently hired by higher learning institutions (Cusson et al., 2019)The Impact Of The Nurse Educator Role On Organizational Discussion. Thus the role of the certified nurse educator (CNE) on organizational effectiveness is to ensure exceptional patient outcomes by entrenching evidence-based practice (EBP) through teaching, training, and mentoring nurses.

One Area in the Practicum Setting/ Organization Requiring Improvement

An area identified in the practicum setting that requires improvement is that preceptors most of whom are CNEs are not given enough time with their students. This is because there are few CNEs and many students hence the ratio of students to preceptor is not suitable or sustainable.

Change Model

The change model I propose is Rogers’ Diffusion of Innovation model (Dearing & Cox, 2018). With this model, a change to recruitment of more CNEs and a measurable impact on patient outcomes measured by nurse competence will be implemented. The impact on the organization will be better and more competent nurses.


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